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This article is a realistic look why a studio for rent is the logical next step for any home business owner looking to spread their wings and expand into the physical business world.  You know who you are.  You know what you need.  And we are going to tell you the logical, black and white reasons, why a studio for rent is a great next move.

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Now, let’s look at the reasons why a Fort Worth studio for rent is a good idea for a growing home business.

A home does not a business make

I think we can all agree on this point: no matter how nice your home is, it is not a business setting.  Oh, it may have been a business setting at the outset of your business.  It may have saved you money while you were getting established. It might have been the perfect solution for a very tight budget.

But it is not a business setting. It does not look like a commercial or industrial property and, quite frankly, in business, appearances do mean something.  How professional, really, is an office in a second bedroom? How professional, really, is a manufacturing center in your garage?  How seriously do you want your customers to take you?

It’s time to take the next step!

More room is needed

If your home business has been successful, at some point you are going to need more room.  You have outgrown the second bedroom or garage.  You are tripping over the children’s toys.  You do not have ample parking for your customers.  Just about everything about the home setting has become inconvenient.   You need more room.  You need a studio office space to rent or studio retail space for lease.

Take your business to where the customers are

Customer flow does not pass by your residential home. Customer flow passes by main arterials. Customer flow passes by strip malls and flows along major roadways.  At some point you are going to want your business nearby that customer traffic flow.  It is illogical to be located anywhere else. It may have been a good idea starting out, but once your business has grown, and if you want it to grow more, you need your business out in the “real world” of business.

A perfect studio for rent in the Fort Worth area

We have the “next step” for anyone in the Fort Worth area looking for a studio for rent, and that “next step” is located in the Fort Worth Design District, the Alliance Area, of North Fort Worth. There you will find Box Office Warehouse Suites, and there you will find a studio for rent for as low as $875 per month.

Yes, that is more expensive than working out of your home, but it really is an excellent price in the commercial real estate world.  It is located in the fastest growing commercial and industrial area in Tarrant County, it’s where the customers are and will be, and it is a vibrant, exciting location for any small business.

A word about RDS Real Estate

RDS Real Estate is a trusted name in the Fort Worth real estate industry. Call us, locally owned and operated, and we will find the perfect studio for rent for your home business.  Take the “next step” with RDS Real Estate for quality commercial property for rent.