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If you are new to the industrial property for rent world, this article is for you.  If you have been confused in the past between commercial property for rent, and industrial property for lease, this article is for you.

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The difference between commercial and industrial property for rent

We need to start with a very simple definition of both before we proceed.

Commercial property is generally property associated with making a profit and meeting with customers.  The two most notable of these is an office for rent and a retail space for rent.

Industrial property generally refers to property used for the manufacture of goods which are eventually sold to customers from commercial property sites.

Is there overlap between the two? Of course there is, and we will mention on such overlap a little later in this article, but those basic definitions should give us enough to continue.

Different types of industrial property for rent

There are various types of industrial property for lease, and we will not look at the main ones in a bit more depth.

Warehouse for rent

We have all seen them. They are prominent in any industrial area in any city.  A warehouse for rent is where companies store their inventories. They have loading docks for deliveries and shipments. They are usually found in industrial parks on the outskirts of any city.

Office warehouse for rent

Here we see some overlap between commercial and industrial property.  An office warehouse for rent is a warehouse for storing inventories, but an office to greet clients and discuss business matters with suppliers or clients or customers.

Garage for rent

Generally, this term refers to a type of auto garage, where vehicles are worked on with special equipment.

Industrial shop for rent

A manufacturing center is one example of an industrial shop for rent, not to be confused with a retail shop for rent.  Heavy machinery, skilled machinists, think an automobile production plant as a large-scale shop for rent, or think of a production plant for residential doorknobs.

Refrigeration/cold storage

The most common of these are distribution centers for food products, a fruit and produce warehouse as an example.

R & D

Research and development centers, high-tech companies, places where innovation happens, flooded with computers and think-tanks, places you would find in Seattle of the Silicon Valley.

There are more industrial property types, but that will give you an idea about the main ones.

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