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Our goal in writing this article about leasing a loft for rent is to cut through the confusion which seems to be attached to that particular type of commercial property for rent.

We are RDS Real Estate, leading the way in the Fort Worth Metro area with over two-million square feet of commercial property for lease and industrial property for lease. Call us at 817-439-3224 for more information, but right now, let’s talk about leasing a loft for rent, and what options you face.

A loft for rent as a residence.

We are not historians, so we don’t know about the origin of the term “loft,” but historically, an early loft for rent, circa 1800, was a living residence above an actual street-level business.  You might have a watch repair shop on the street, and people living in a loft up above that retail business.  Or, just as common, you would have the owner of the business living in the loft above their retail business.

Renting a loft in former industrial areas is now becoming a trendy thing to do. We are seeing more and more of it in abandoned warehouses in cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.  People will rent the loft above the street, renovate it, and have a wonderful residence in the heart of the city.

A loft for rent as a business location.

We suspect that lofts became popular as businesses because of the influence of the Arts.  Artists, sculptors, metal workers, the Creatives loved to rent lofts in the city where they could create what they loved to create. The term “artist loft” is a very accurate depiction of that sort of loft use.

Branching out from that, as once decaying sections of once-thriving cities renovate, we are seeing more and more small businesses, or small services (hair studio for rent, sewing services, watch repair), renting lofts for their place of work.  This is part of the great Gentrification Movement, again common in large cities, once struggling neighborhoods experiencing a rebirth as the renovations multiply in number.

Can you have both in one?

And any discussion about lofts must include this question: can you live, and work, in a loft for rent? Can you live in a retail shop or, put another way, can you have a retail shop where you live?  The reasons why you would want to do this are obvious . . . to save money on your monthly bills. Instead of paying rent on a retail location, plus paying rent for a home, you would only be paying one monthly rental.

The answer can be found in the zoning for any particular area.  If the area is zoned residential then no, you cannot operate a retail business and live in the same space. If the area is zoned commercial then no, you cannot live where your business is located. If the area is zoned multi-use, or some other classification which allows for living and working, then yes, you can go ahead and save money.

A final word about RDS Real Estate.

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