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The average price for office space for lease in the United States is $39 per square foot.  With location being the major determining factor, office space to rent can be found for as little as $18 per square foot in Atlanta to as much as $180 per square foot in New York City.

But this article is about leasing office space in Fort Worth, and about that we know quite a bit. We are RDS Real Estate, serving the Greater Fort Worth and Tarrant County area, and in this article we are going to point you to what we consider to be the two best values for office space in Fort Worth. Call us at 817-439-3224 for more information about any commercial or industrial properties for rent in Tarrant County.

Steering you away from downtown Fort Worth

We have nothing against downtown Fort Worth. We have spent quite a few years in office spaces in downtown Fort Worth. We love the vibe there and we love the proximity to many of the businesses we interact with on a daily basis.

But it is costly there, and it is going to be more costly as this decade unfolds.  No, the best values for those looking to rent office space will not be found in downtown Fort Worth, not today, not next year, and not in the next decade.  Especially for small business owners, downtown Fort Worth is not going to be within your budget’s reach anytime soon.

Value #1

Which leads us to Value #1, and that is found at Box Office Warehouse Suites, located in the Fort Worth Design District. There you will find you can rent office space for $875 for 320 square feet, which figures out to be around $27 per square foot, considerably less than in downtown Fort Worth.

If that price isn’t enough of an incentive to check out Box Office Warehouse Suites, consider this: it is located in the Alliance Area of North Fort Worth, one of the fastest-growing commercial and industrial property areas in the state.  Take a drive through the Alliance Area and its growth will become very apparent. Everywhere you look there is construction happening. Everywhere you look you will see opportunity.

$27 per square foot to have an office in an area showing huge growth, or pay more than that downtown, where growth has stagnated?  It seems like a no-brainer decision.

Value #2

The second value can be found at Paddock Place Office Suites, and that value is $400 per month, utilities and WiFi included, for coworking space in a converted, funky horse barn.  There you rent by the month, only when you need an office, and you are also located in the Fort Worth Design District in the Alliance Area. This is a great opportunity for small businesses with limited budgets. This is also a great opportunity for home-based businesses which don’t need an office space twelve months out of the year.

Two great values, both in the hottest commercial area in the county, both very affordable. What’s not to love about the Fort Worth Design District?

A word about RDS Real Estate

If you are looking for one of the leading commercial and industrial real estate firms in Tarrant County, RDS Real Estate will be near or at the top of anyone’s list. We are locally owned and operated, and we are standing by to find the Fort Worth office space for lease you need. Call us today!