Fort Worth is a big city; how do you find Fort Worth office space for lease, at a price you can afford, which meets all of your needs?

Well, you can do a Google search, print out about one-hundred suggested addresses, and go visit them all by yourself.  Just pencil in about a month to do that, and good luck!

We say “good luck” because that is a fool’s errand, and you are not a fool. The only logical way to go about finding office space for lease Fort Worth is to enlist the aid of a professional and trustworthy commercial real estate broker.

Like those found at RDS Real Estate!  Our number is (817) 439-3224. Read this article and then call us before you waste time with Google searches.

Where is the best location for office space to rent?

That’s a tough question to answer, because a particular area in Fort Worth might be a great location for a small insurance firm, but a horrible location for an accounting firm. A certain neighborhood might have a reputation for high volume when in fact it is slowly fading in economic activity. Statistics don’t lie.  There are economic trends at work right now in Fort Worth,  and it takes research and an understanding of that area to choose the best location for any business.

We know an auto parts store which opened up in a thriving neighborhood in South Fort Worth. The area was hopping with economic activity and yet the auto parts store failed.  It simply turned out to be the wrong business for that area.

The absolute worst thing a business owner can do is choose a location based on emotional factors.  You may have great childhood memories about growing up in East Fort Worth, but that might be the absolute worst location to rent office space.

We don’t mean to confuse you, or scare you. We are simply saying that choosing a location for your office is a decision which should be based upon professional knowledge of the Fort Worth commercial landscape.  The kind of knowledge the pros at RDS Real Estate have.

Where would we suggest you look at office space to rent in Fort Worth?

All things being equal, and without knowing anything about your particular business, our first suggestion would be unincorporated North Fort Worth in the Alliance Area? Why?  The Alliance Area is the fastest growing commercial area in Tarrant County. It is also home to a new pocket business neighborhood called the Fort Worth Design District, and in that district you will find Box Office Warehouse Suites and Paddock Place Office Suites, two exciting and creative business parks with great growth potential.

And unincorporated North Fort Worth means no requirements for a certificate of occupancy, which means less governmental oversight, which is always a good selling point.

RDS Real Estate . . . contact us today.  Finding commercial properties for lease Fort Worth is what we do, and we do it well. If we can’t find the perfect Fort Worth office space for lease for your business, it probably doesn’t exist.  Call today and let’s get you settled in a new office space.