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The title of this article about retail space for lease should have your attention.  Who doesn’t want the best value when leasing, right?  And a great value in Fort Worth, where prices are rising faster than the temperature in July?  If nothing else, that right there is reason enough to read this article about retail space for rent.

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The cost of Fort Worth retail space for lease.

As you might suspect, and if you have already scouted prices, the cost of retail lease space in Fort Worth is all over the place, and the wide range in prices can be chalked up to our old friend Location.  You can find sketchy locations where the rental price is as low as $2 per square foot per month; you can find outstanding retail spaces, in outstanding locations, for as high as, hold onto your hats, $500 per square foot per month. We even found one location renting for $1500 per square foot per month.

Only the rich need apply for that one.

And, as much as we don’t want to bear bad news, the prices will continue to rise. Fort Worth is rapidly growing, approaching one million residents, and those residents will need goods and services, and that means more businesses, raising the demand for a limited supply of rental locations.

A great value in retail space for lease.

Now that we’ve thoroughly depressed you, it’s time to lay some good news on you. We know of a place, in a bustling location in North Fort Worth, where you can lease 320-square feet of retail space for only $975 per month.  That figures out to $3.04 per square foot and that, friends, is a great price for the location.

Where is it?  The Fort Worth Design District, in the Alliance Area of North Fort Worth, and anyone who knows anything about retail space in Fort Worth can tell you that the Alliance Area is like the old boom towns of the 1800s.

Secondary values to consider in retail rentals.

Here’s the thing to realize about Fort Worth development: It must go somewhere, but that somewhere is not going to be in the city limits. There is virtually no available property, in Fort Worth, where new industrial and commercial property for rent can be built.  So, where does the growth happen? The Alliance Area, for sure, and if you look southward you will find development happening in Johnson County, where the newest is found at 917 Industrial Park, properties specifically built for small businesses, ranging from 1200 square feet to 26,000 square feet.

If you are a business owner, where would you rather be, in stagnant Fort Worth, or in the path of all future development moving forward/

A final word about RDS Real Estate.

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