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The title, rent office space where growth will be happening in Fort Worth, seems like a no-brainer, right?  Of course that’s where you would want your office space to be. Still, it’s amazing how many people still believe that location to be the Fort Worth Metro area when, in fact, they are wrong.

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Okay, let’s talk office space for rent in the Greater Fort Worth area.

Rent office space in Fort Worth Metro and pay more.

A quick lesson in basic supply and demand. When the supply of any good or service is short, and the demand is high, the goods and services which do exist will rise in price.  That rule of thumb was true three-hundred years ago, and it is true today, and office space for lease, in the Fort Worth Metro area, is in short supply.  At the same time, Fort Worth is the second fastest-growing major city in the U.S.

What do you suppose that means for the price of any commercial property for rent in Fort Worth Metro?

Listen, we have nothing against Fort Worth Metro. We happen to manage some properties there, and if you have no budget restraints, and you prefer the downtown area, we can find something for you to rent and call home.  However, the strong trend in business today is towards small businesses, with small operating budgets, and those small businesses will find it very difficult to find office space they can afford in the Metro area.

Rent office space where growth will be happening 2024 and beyond.

So, where will the growth be happening for Fort Worth?

A couple years ago, we were one of the first commercial real estate firms to tell customers to turn their attention to the Alliance Area in North Fort Worth.  At that time, it was quickly becoming the fastest-growing area in all of Tarrant County, and that growth has continued.

At the same time, we are beginning to see a surge of new businesses, and a surge of residential neighborhoods, either planned south of Metro or under development. We are talking about Johnson County, a short 30-minute commute from Metro, and in particular the area around Alvarado.

Three great office space for lease options.

Now we have our directions, north to the Alliance Area and south to Alvarado.  What do we have for you in those areas?

North to the Fort Worth Design District, Alliance Area, where you can find a 320-square foot office space, at Box Office Warehouse Suites, starting at $975 per month.

North to the Fort Worth Design District, where you can find shared office space, rented by the month, at Paddock Place Office Suites.

And south, to 917 Industrial Park, brand-new development, where offices can be found starting at 1200 square feet including a small warehouse for storage and future growth.

Three great options, all within thirty minutes of downtown Fort Worth, all affordable for tight budgets, and all directly in the path of future growth.

A final word about RDS Real Estate.

RDS Real Estate is locally owned and operated, and we believe that makes all the difference in the world. Call us today and be treated the way you deserve to be treated. With Texas  hospitality and an ever-present smile on our faces.  We don’t believe in high pressure at RDS, mainly because it’s not necessary considering the properties we have available. They pretty much rent themselves.