Commercial Property For Rentshop space for rent in Fort Worth at a great price.

If you are a small business you need a small warehouse for rent.  There is no point in paying for 5,000 square feet if you are a home business owner taking the first tentative steps out into the “real world” of commercial property for rent.  You need something which fits your current status with a little wiggle room for future growth.

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How small is a small warehouse?

If you are looking in the classifieds in a major city, you will find it hard to find a warehouse for rent, or office warehouse for rent, under 5,000 square feet.  You might get lucky and find something between 2000-5000, but chances are against you.  Remember that you are paying for every foot of commercial space, so a warehouse space of 5,000 square feet, when you only need 1,000, is going to be like flushing money down the compost toilet.

Consider this about a warehouse for rent . . .

A warehouse is nothing more than four walls, a ceiling, and a floor.  If all you need is a warehouse less than 1,000 square feet in size, perhaps what you need to search for is multi-use commercial property for rent instead of warehouses.  Maybe what you need is a shop for rent, or a garage for rent properties. 

Somebody else may call it a garage, or a shop, but to you it is a beautiful, small warehouse.

What’s the bottom line about all of this warehouse talk?

The bottom line is this: small businesses cannot afford to pay property leases for property they are not going to use.  The Number One Killer of small businesses is monthly overhead, so paying for commercial property you do not use is just plain silly and could, quite possibly, be deadly for your business.

So find a “building” which meets your needs and don’t get hung up on the word “warehouse.”  All you need is four walls, a ceiling, and a floor.  Maybe toss in a bay door and you are all set.  Our suggestion: look for multi-use properties in your area.  There you will most likely find the best deal for industrial property for lease.

As we mentioned earlier, we are RDS Real Estate, one of the leading commercial real estate companies in the Fort Worth area, with over one-million square feet of multi-use commercial properties for lease.  Our properties are warehouses. Our properties are garages and shops.  Our properties are retail units, offices, and flex space, and quite often they are all those things at the same time, ranging in size from 320 square feet to ten-thousand square feet.

Multi-use is the key. That is our pearl of wisdom for you in this article.  Seek out multi-use buildings when looking for a warehouse for rent.  And if you find yourself in the Greater Fort Worth area, in need of industrial property for rent, give us a call. We would love to show you some multi-use properties which are exactly what you are looking for and need if you are a small business person.