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The importance of this article lies in the term “multi-use” with regards to Tarrant County commercial property for rent.  We are purposely making a distinction between commercial property for lease Tarrant County and multi-use commercial property for lease, and it is a distinction which can save you serious money as you look to lease commercial space.  Read on and then give us a call at (817) 439-3224. We are RDS Real Estate, a leading commercial property real estate company in Tarrant County, and we can answer any questions you might have.

What is multi-use commercial property?

The term is pretty self-explanatory!  Instead of a commercial property being labeled a warehouse, which denotes only one use for it, namely the storing of goods, a multi-use property can be a warehouse, an office warehouse, a shop, a garage, an office complex, or a flex space.  We begin with that obvious statement of fact: all commercial property is simply four walls, a ceiling, and a floor.  What it is called is determined by the real estate developer, but in reality those four walls can house any business imaginable.  Make sense?

So why is that important to you?

Well to begin with, it opens up the possibilities for you to look at when looking for a home for your business.  It greatly increases the number and variety of available properties to choose from, and that increase in supply means your chances of finding something less expensive greatly increase.

Besides that, labels are costly.  In the commercial real estate business, not all commercial real estate is priced the same, namely by the square foot.  In certain areas, retail property may be priced higher than warehouse for rent, or lower than garage for rent properties.  The multi-use label may save you money simply because of the designation “multi-use.”

We could go on and on, but the central point is this:  multi-use Tarrant County commercial property for rent is worth looking at, and for our money, based on our experience, there is no better multi-use opportunity than the one found in the Fort Worth Design District, located in the Alliance Area of unincorporated North Fort Worth,  and in particular at Box Office Warehouse Suites.  In our opinion, based on years of experience, there is no better multi-use commercial property available than that found at Box Office Warehouse Suites.


Unincorporated North Fort Worth means out in the county, and that means no certificate of occupancy is required, meaning less expense and less governmental regulations.

And then there is the fact that BOWS is a business park made entirely from shipping containers. The standard multi-use unit is 320 square feet in size and is priced at $875 per month.  Consider these facts about the Alliance Area:

  • Minutes from dining & shopping at Alliance Town Center & Presido Junction
  • One of the fastest growing area in the DFW Metroplex
  • 50,000 households within five miles
  • Average household income of $100,849
  • Total population within 3 miles of 47,417
  • 14,609 households within 3 miles.


Shipping containers can be anything you want them to be; they can increase in size by simply attaching another to the original; they really are the perfect medium for commercial success.

Give us a call.  We can answer your questions about multi-use Tarrant County commercial property for rent, and we invite you to watch the YouTube drone tour of Box Office Warehouse Suites if you want to rent commercial property.