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Small business commercial property for rent in Fort Worth is not as easy to find as one might think.  The reason for that is simple; the solution not so simple, but it is possible.  Call us at (817) 439-3224 if you have questions after reading this article.

The problem with commercial property for rent is this:

Most commercial property for lease Fort Worth is built with larger businesses in mind, and the reason for that approach is easy to understand: commercial property is prices by the square foot.  In other words, the larger the commercial piece, the more the lease payment.  Consequently, retail spaces, offices for rent, warehouse for rent Fort Worth, almost all are built to handle medium-to-large companies.  The small businessman, the home business guy looking to expand, is in for a tough road finding commercial property for rent that he/she can afford.

What if there was commercial property for rent for small businesses?

What if it were possible to rent an office small enough for a home-based business to move into and afford? What if it were possible for a small distributing firm to lease a small office, or a small micro brewery to lease a small warehouse?

How small is small in commercial property?

Honestly, in most major cities, it is hard to find commercial property, or industrial property for rent, which is under 2,500 square feet in size.  That’s about the size of a single-family home, and in today’s real estate market those properties are usually priced beyond the means of most small businesses.

A new idea in commercial real estate.

We are now going to tell you about a place called Box Office Warehouse Suites, located in unincorporated North Fort Worth, Texas.  What makes Box Office Warehouse Suites unique is that units begin at 320 square feet in size and $875 per month in price.

Affordable?  Most definitely!  Small enough for the smallest of businesses?  Most definitely!

But that’s not all that makes Box Office Warehouse Suites unique.  Toss in the fact that all units at Box Office Warehouse Suites are made from recycled shipping containers, and you have a truly unique business park.

And what happens if you need more room than 320 square feet?  The answer to that question is in the nature of shipping containers: you simply join two containers together and double your size in a matter of days.

320 square feet is perfect for a small businessman looking for a small office for rent.  It is perfect for a home-based business looking for a small warehouse.  It is the perfect size for a small shop or flex space.  It is so perfect it is a must-see for any micro business, and it is open now for you to take a look at it.  It can be found in the Fort Worth Design District in the Alliance Area, one of the busiest and fastest-growing commercial areas in all of Texas.

Give us a call for a tour of Box Office Warehouse Suites, or take the YouTube drone tour.

We are RDS Real Estate, locally owned and operated, with over one-million square feet of small-to-medium commercial properties for sale, and we are standing by to help you, the small businessman, find your new business location.  Fort Worth commercial property for rent is our business.