Commercial Property For RentLeasing office space pitfalls to avoid, by RDS Real Estate in Fort Worth

Leasing office space is a relatively easy process.  Anyone with the necessary cash can do it.

Leasing office space which meets your needs and budget is considerably more difficult to do, but we can help.  Read this article and then, if you have questions, call us at (817) 439-3224 and we will happily answer them.

What pitfalls you should avoid while leasing office space.

First, and foremost, don’t rent office space too large, or too small, for your specific needs.  Office space for lease costs by the square foot, so it is financially imperative that you rent office space you need, or will need, in the immediate future.  Remember when leasing commercial property: wasted space costs just as much as used space!

Secondly, avoid the “too good to be true” offerings.  Our parents warned us at an early age:  a deal which seems too good to be true usually is. Do your due diligence and make sure you know the whole story.  Do not fall for some fast-talking salesperson.  Ask around.  Ask for references.  Ask other commercial real estate companies.  Ask other office renters in that particular area.  Arm yourself with information and you are less likely to fall for a line of b.s. when looking for office space to rent.

Office space location is crucial.

Location is as important today as it was fifty years ago, and that is especially true in Fort Worth commercial property for rent or any other location.  You may find a great deal on an office for rent in seemingly a great part of town, but if that area of town is not frequented by potential customers, that great price is going to eventually cost you in lost business. Know your customers and know the areas they frequent.  Then shop for office space for lease in those areas.  In that same vein of thinking, you may have to pay a bit more for location, but in the long run it will be worth it in increased business.  A good commercial real estate salesman can help you determine the perfect area for your business.

And beware of hidden costs like government licenses and taxes. In many cases it will be better to rent an office in an incorporated part of the county to avoid city regulations and fees.  Check with your particular county and city and make that determination.

We are RDS Real Estate, and we are standing by to answer any questions you might have about offices for lease.  And if you are in the Fort Worth area, we have some great offices for rent which feature the following:

  • Covered/garage parking available
  • ADA Restrooms
  • Coffee area
  • Balcony available
  • Great location off of Interstate 35 at the Golden Triangle Exit in the Alliance commercial real estate area, only the hottest real estate area in the DFW Metro area.
  • Minutes from Alliance area
  • Flexible lease terms available
  • Affordable rates


Ideal for any small business, or home-based business in need of more room. Perfect spaces for web designers, real estate agents, accountants, or anyone wanting small, affordable, unique location for meeting clients.

Again, we are RDS Real Estate.  Give us a call if we can answer your questions.