You want a shop for rent in Irving.

Our job is to match Tarrant County properties with the needs of business owners.

Let’s work together!  Read on and then call (817) 439-3224. The name is RDS Real Estate, and industrial property for rent is our game.

What do you want in a shop for rent?

The word “shop” is a bit confusing in the world of industrial property.  Shop can be a small retail outlet, like the Ice Cream Shoppe, or shop can be a machine shop when electricians ply their trade.  Car mechanics work in an auto shop, and HVAC experts work in a shop as well.  The first order of business, then, is to determine the exact nature of your business and, by extension, what you exact needs will be.  What kind of wiring will you need in that shop? Do you need bay doors? Do you need a loading dock? Do you need outside storage in addition to that shop for rent?  How large a shop do you need, and how large a shop will you need in five years because business growth must always be considered before signing for industrial space for lease.

Why all the questions about a shop for rent?

Here’s a secret we don’t share with just anyone: we at RDS Real Estate deal with multi-use properties which basically means we work primarily with properties which could serve several functions.  In other words, a warehouse for rent could also be a shop for rent, and a shop for rent could be a garage for rent.  This is important in finding exactly what it is you need.  The perfect shop for rent you need might be listed online as a warehouse for rent, but with our knowledge of multi-use properties, we make sure no stone is left unturned.

And then we have to discuss location

Which is the best location for that shop for rent you want?  Is a shop for rent Irving better for you than a shop for rent Grapevine, or a shop for rent Arlington? It may well be, but we like to ask the tough questions. We have no allegiance to the City of Irving, nor do we have allegiance to Grapevine, Dallas, Arlington, or Fort Worth.  Our goal . . . our Number One priority . . . is to find the perfect shop for rent opportunity to match your specific needs.  So we will not only suggest a shop for rent in Irving, but we will also suggest other shops for rent in other cities which may be more business-friendly and offer better incentives.  Irving may be that city, but our job is to check out all possibilities.

That’s how we do business at RDS Real Estate.  We are locally owned and operated, and we cover all of Tarrant County like a big old comforter on a cold winter’s night.  We have a reputation for thoroughness, and we have a reputation for bull-doggedness when it comes to finding the perfect industrial space for lease for our customers.

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