You want a shop for rent in Grapevine.

Our words of advice: stop limiting yourself to shops for rent and Grapevine.  Your goal should be to find the perfect industrial property for rent in Tarrant County which meets your needs.

Contact us and we can help. Hold onto this phone number . . . (817) 439-3224 . . . use it after you read what we have to say.

What is a shop for rent?

That may seem like a ridiculous question, but hang with us for a moment. Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines a shop as the following:

a commercial establishment for the making or repair of goods or machinery

As in a machine shop or a tool shop . . . it is a place where things get fixed and/or made, correct? And what do you need for a building to be a shop?  Four walls . . . a ceiling . . . a bay door, perhaps . . . and proper wiring for tools and machinery.

In other words, you need a small warehouse for rent.  In other words, you need a garage for rent in Grapevine.  In other words, stop limiting your search to just a shop for rent.

And why a shop for rent in Grapevine?

No, we have nothing against the City of Grapevine.  We are a commercial/industrial real estate company, and we have properties in Grapevine, but that does not mean Grapevine is the perfect location for your shop? Our primary goal is to match property with business, and that match may be in Grapevine, it may be in Southlake, or it may be in Haltom City, Arlington, or the Alliance Area of unincorporated North Fort Worth.

Matching the property with the business is what we do!  We are RDS Real Estate, with over one-million square feet of industrial property for rent, in all major cities in Tarrant County. We would not be doing our jobs properly if we leased you something in Grapevine when we knew the perfect shop for you was located in the Fort Worth Design District, or on the outskirts of Blue Mound.

If we find you a shop for rent for a low $1,000 per month in Haltom City, but it is in a depressed location, are we doing you any favors?  We can rent you a shop for rent in Haltom City right now for $1,800 per month, but we also know there are some incredible shops for rent at Box Office Warehouse Suites in the Alliance Area for only $875 per month. The first offering makes us more money; the second just might be perfect for your business.

If it were our call, here’s what we would do. We would meet with you. We would find out your specific needs. We would find out why you chose Grapevine, and if you would be open to alternative locations.  And then we would open up the play book and look at warehouses, shops, garages, and other multi-use buildings.  We would not rest until we found exactly what you wanted and needed.

That’s what we do. We are RDS Real Estate.

Contact us today about a shop for rent Grapevine or any other industrial real estate needs.