You tell us you want a shop for rent in Haltom City.

We ask you if you are sure that’s what you really want and where you really want it?

Welcome to our way of helping you find industrial space Haltom City and/or industrial space in Tarrant County in general.  We are RDS Real Estate.  Our phone number is (817) 439-3224.  Hold onto that number.  It might come in handy after you read this article.

Why would we question you about your location preference in Haltom City?  Simply because Haltom City may not be your best option for a shop space for rent.  Why would we say that?

Look at a map of Tarrant County.  Yes, it’s a rather large county, but the truth of the matter is from one boundary to the next, anywhere in Tarrant County is only about twenty minutes max from any other location in Tarrant County.  Twenty minutes may not be a good enough reason to limit your possibilities to Haltom City alone.  A shop for rent Fort Worth may very well be a better option, but there is no way to find that out if you limit your thinking and your search.

Industrial property for rent statistics

Let us give you an example worth considering.  The latest economic statistics regarding the Alliance Area of North Fort Worth, which is what, ten minutes from Haltom City, are as follows:

  • Minutes from dining & shopping at Alliance Town Center & Presido Junction
  • One of the fastest growing area in the DFW Metroplex
  • 50,000 households within five miles
  • Average household income of $100,849
  • Total population within 3 miles of 47,417
  • 14,609 households within 3 miles

Now those are great numbers, numbers worth paying attention to as you contemplate the best location to rent shop.  We can tell you without hesitation that Haltom City does not have similar statistics, and those statistic may well be a game-changer for a business like yours.

Price based on industrial property labels

Here’s another thing to consider:  a shop for rent may, or may not, cost the same as a warehouse for rent of comparable size, all other things being equal, and it may, or may not, be the same cost as a garage for rent, or an office warehouse for rent.

The difference is all in the name.  In the industrial real estate world, prices are commonly determined, in part, based on the type of property it is.  Put another way, warehouses may be valued using one criteria, while shops may be valued using a difference criteria.  This is important to consider based on this fact: there really is not difference between a shop, a garage, and a warehouse.

All of this leads you to this truth: enlisting the aid of an industrial real estate expert is your best bet as you search for a shop for rent in Haltom City.  Your expert at RDS Real Estate will take your information and your needs, and compare it to the over one-million square feet of multi-use properties we own, in all major cities in Tarrant County.  We will not rest until we make the perfect match.

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