There is no shortage of industrial space in Haltom City. Whether it is the precise industrial space you need is another question, one best answered by industrial property experts. Call RDS Real Estate at (8170 439-3224 for all the answers you will need regarding industrial property for rent in Haltom City or anywhere in Tarrant County.

Finding the industrial space you need

First of all, what do you mean by industrial space?  Are you looking for a warehouse for rent Haltom City, a garage for rent Haltom City, a shop for rent Haltom City, or an office warehouse for rent?  Each one of those terms means something specific in commercial and industrial real estate, so knowing precisely what it is you need is important in finding it.  Rather than getting hung up on specific names, and assuming you are working with an industrial real estate expert, you would be better served saying something like the following:

“I need a space, about 5,000 square feet, to store inventory and equipment.  I also need an attached office. It is not necessary to have copious parking, since customers rarely come to our location, but a little outside storage would be nice. The office can be small.  In addition, the storage/warehouse area should be wired for heavy duty tools, and quite a few of them at once. The location should be within five minutes of the freeway since our business calls on us to travel all over Tarrant County.  And our operating budget will only allow for a maximum monthly lease payment of $2,000.”

With a description like that, an experienced industrial property broker/agent has something solid to search for. The parameters and needs are specific, right down to the operating budget.

Where is almost as important as what in industrial property for rent

In the description above, the fictional scenario, one thing that jumps out is the fact that location is not terribly important based on the nature of that particular business. This is a great thing for the broker to know.  Yes, the search may be for industrial space Haltom City, but in fact the best opportunity might be industrial space Fort Worth.  In point of fact, industrial properties in unincorporated North Fort Worth offer great value to a small businessman, in one of the fastest growing industrial areas in all of Texas. No certificate of occupancy is needed in the unincorporated portions of Tarrant County, which means less governmental red tape and fewer fees, and prices tend to be slightly lower in that area vs Haltom City.

But you wouldn’t know that without working with an industrial real estate broker. Industrial property for rent Fort Worth may well be your best value, but you won’t know that doing the search on your own.

Finding industrial space Haltom City is reasonably easy to do. Finding the perfect industrial space for your business is a bit trickier. Enlist the aid of the pros at RDS Real Estate, locally owned and operated, one of the leading industrial property real estate companies in all of Tarrant County.

Contact us today! The industrial space of your dreams may well be only one phone call away, and that phone number is (817) 439-3224.