We have some advice for those looking for retail space for rent in Irving. Read on and then call us at (817) 439-3224 for more important advice from RDS Real Estate, one of the leading commercial real estate companies in Tarrant County.

The location of the retail lease space is crucial

The following advice is in no way an attempt to talk you out of locating in Irving.  It is, however, an important reminder to do your due diligence before deciding on location.

Finding a retail space for rent is all about finding a location which is good for your particular business.  In other words, where do your specific customers frequent most often?  You want to be near your customer base, and to know that you must do some market research.  Put another way, let’s use a fabric store for example.  One would think that the location of a quality fabric store would not be important, but what if, after doing market research, you find that there is a substantial market base for fabric customers in Grapevine?  Would you be better off looking for retail space for rent Grapevine?  And looking towards the future, what if you discovered that the Alliance Area of North Fort Worth is predicted to have the greatest commercial growth in the next five years? Would you be more inclined to look for retail space for rent Fort Worth instead of Irving?

A good commercial real estate company can help you with location

Plan for the future when looking at retail lease space

This is a very common mistake made by business owners. They put together a detailed list of features they want in retail lease space, they find retail space which perfectly matches their needs for 2019, but they forget to plan for the future growth of their business, and within two years their business has outgrown the building.  Our advice: plan for growth five years in advance.  In other words, how large will your business be in five years, and how much room will you need for that growth?  Yes, you might be paying rent on space you do not use for a couple years, but that’s better than relocating your business after three years.

Find a commercial real estate agent you feel comfortable with

For the love of God, do not go this alone. Find a commercial real estate agent who knows Tarrant County, who knows Irving, and who has your best interest at heart. This is crucial in finding a good deal for your business. Ask around.  Ask other business owners in Irving who they have worked with. Get recommendations.  This is the absolute first thing you should do before conducting a search.

About RDS Real Estate

We are locally owned and operated.  We are one of the leading commercial real estate companies in all of Tarrant County,  with over one-million square feet of multi-use commercial property for rent.  If it exists in Irving we will find it.  That is our promise to you, and we always keep our promises.

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