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Let’s talk about how to find the best retail space for rent in Fort Worth for your business needs. In this article we will mention a couple things which are crucial to consider, and we invite you to call us if you have questions . . . (817) 439-3224 is our number, and RDS Real Estate is our name.

What do you need in a retail space for rent?

You should first consider what it is you need in retail lease space.  How much room do you need? Do you need a small office attached, or a break room for employees?  How much window space do you need?  Whatever it is you need, make a detailed list of those items.  Spend some time on this list. No item is too small to include. There are a great many retail locations in Fort Worth and the immediate area, so chances are good you can find a location which has most of what you need.

What do you want in a retail space for rent?

Want vs need . .. this list is where you write down amenities and special features you don’t necessarily need to run your business, but would be nice to have.  Like eating comfort food . . . we don’t need Oreo Cookies, but they sure do make us feel good while eating them, and it’s nice to know they are available should we get a craving.  Perhaps you can picture a specific floor plan for your retail space for lease.  Perhaps you picture a large store room in back, even though at this time you really don’t need one.  Play with this wish list, and have fun with it.  There is no law against a business owner dreaming.

Where do you want the retail space for rent?

Do you have a specific location picked out for your storefront?  Do you want to be in downtown Fort Worth, in a shopping mall, a strip mall, or in a stand-alone location?  Is there a particular neighborhood which you believe best suits the needs and nature of your business?  Do you know anything about the retail history of Fort Worth locations and neighborhoods?  Some neighborhoods might suit your business better than others. These things must be considered when choosing a location for your retail business, and a good commercial real estate broker can help you in deciding.  One word of caution: do not choose a location based on emotions. Choose one based on commercial viability.  For instance, the fastest growing economic region in Fort Worth right now is the Alliance Area of unincorporated North Fort Worth, but only a good real estate broker would know that.

About RDS Real Estate

RDS Real Estate is locally owned and operated, with over one-million square feet of commercial property for rent.

If what you want, and need, is in Fort Worth, we can find it for you. Contact us today.  We would love to show you around and, in particular, we would love to show you around Box Office Warehouse Suites in the Alliance Area, home to Salon & Spa Galleria, Happy Bank, and other thriving retail businesses.