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Attention business owners thinking about renting a loft for rent: There are some very positive reasons why you should do so, and we are going to share those reasons with you in this article.

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What is a loft for rent?

A loft for rent is a large space, typically over 1,000 square feet, that has one room. Aside from a separate bathroom, these properties lack distinct rooms like bedroom (s), a kitchen, dining room, and living area. Additionally, lofts have open areas that blend all the rooms together, much like a studio apartment.  Traditionally, lofts have been used for commercial or industrial purposes; it has just been in the last fifty years that they have been converted into apartments.

Lofts have certain advantages if you are a business owner, so let’s talk a bit about those advantages.

Shouting the praises of a loft.

Let’s look at some of the advantages of a loft:

·         Spacious, open floor plans

·         Many times they include high, vaulted ceilings

·         Industrial charm which is so popular these days

·         Usually located upstairs in a busy, commercial area.

To put it simply, lofts are usually funky, avant-garde in nature, and they most definitely have style and appeal.  The open space lends itself to a freedom to decorate and furnish not often found in industrial and commercial properties. The open floor space also produces a sense of warmth and seems inviting to anyone visiting.

Is it for you? An example in Fort Worth to consider.

The question then, for you, the business owner, is does a loft for rent sound like a good fit for you?  Would your small business benefit from a loft location?  We cannot answer that question; however, we can give you one example found in Fort Worth, something for you to consider, a real-life application of this discussion.

In the Alliance Area of North Fort Worth you will find the Fort Worth Design District, and there you will also find Box Office Warehouse Suites.  These are modern properties made from professionally designed shipping containers, and there are many “lofts” available, some with balconies.

Borrowing from their website, these questions are posed:

  • Do you want office space which will reflect your individuality?
  • Do you want office space which can grow as your business grows?
  • Do you want office space which can also include a patio, coffee area, and ADA compliant bathrooms?
  • Do you want commercial space made from container construction which screams your entrepreneurial spirit?
  • Do you want your business in a hip community?


Is there a similar place in your city? Only you can answer that but, at the very least, we have given you something to think about regarding lofts.  Happy Hunting!

 A final word about RDS Real Estate

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