Do a search for outside storage in Grapevine and you are liable to get a million Google hits. Outside storage can mean Uncle Jake’s backyard.  It can mean a storage space at a mini storage facility.  Or it can mean a storage area large enough to park your heavy machinery or to load and unload your landscape rock. It can also mean outside storage buildings as part of another piece of industrial property.

So the first point of order is to determine what kind of outside storage you need.  The second step, then, would be to find the best location for that outside storage.

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What do you want in outside storage? 

Are you looking for a storage shed, or an undeveloped piece of property for storage of equipment or trade items?  The answer to that question will affect the price of the outside storage, so be specific regarding your needs.  Do you need a warehouse with outside storage?  Do you need a shop with outside storage? Or do you simply need an empty lot behind a chain-link fence?

And why outside storage in Grapevine?

Are you locked in on Grapevine for a reason? Don’t get us wrong, we love Grapevine, we have properties in Grapevine, and some of us have lived in Grapevine, but the question has more to do with this:  is Grapevine the perfect location for your business needs?  Far too often we see clients get locked in on a city for emotional or purely illogical reasons, and business should never be about emotions or illogic.  The location of any industrial property for rent is crucial to the success of any business, so think twice before committing to Grapevine.  Outside storage in Kennedale, or outside storage in Fort Worth, although further away, may be much better options for your needs.

Access is important!

How easy is that outside storage to access? Is it near a major highway?  Does it have room for heavy machinery to maneuver?  These are considerations you must reflect upon when looking at industrial space.

We have given you quite a bit to think about.  We want you to go away from this article with this one main thought:  do not rush into renting outside storage!  Get yourself an industrial real estate pro, sit down with them, discuss in length your needs, and follow up on due diligence.  The health and success of your company depend on you doing so.

About RDS Real Estate

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