The good news regarding your search for outside storage in Kennedale is that there is outside storage available; the bad news is it might not be in Kennedale.

Let’s face it: Kennedale is a city of less than 7,000 people.  Very few cities of that size have commercial property of any type for sale, let alone probably the hardest to find of all commercial property, outside storage.  In reality you might have to expand your search parameters into neighboring cities like Mansfield or even Fort Worth to find what you need.

A quick scan of Kennedale netted a couple possibilities:

Both are small-to-medium sized stand-alone office warehouses with some outside storage behind them, so if your needs for outside storage are small in number, those two industrial spaces might be worth a look.

Now, if you expand your search parameters like we suggested earlier, a whole new world opens up, and that is because Tarrant County is huge and expanding rapidly.  Outside storage is plentiful but you need to know where to look, and that is a job for RDS Real Estate, the Number One commercial real estate company in Tarrant County.

Listen, you can do this one of two ways: you can hop in your car and start driving around Tarrant County looking for “for lease” signs, or you can call RDS and let them do a computer search of their over one-million square feet of commercial properties.  Which of those two options sounds most attractive?

Outside storage in Fort Worth?  Check!  Outside storage in Tarrant County?  Check!  Outside storage in the form of outside sheds and garages? Check!  Outside storage as undeveloped land? Check!  Outside storage with 24-hour security?  Check!

One-million square feet . . . stacked end-to-end that stretches about twenty-four miles . . . twenty-four miles of industrial space to choose from, and with the 2018 openings of Box Office Warehouse Suites, Paddock Place Office Suites, and Golden Triangle Business Park, that number drastically increases.

Yes, we have what you need and yes, we can work out a lease agreement which will satisfy both of us.

The owner of RDS Real Estate, Ron Sturgeon, would like a word with you:

“We make you happy and you stay with us.  That’s how this works.  If our properties are continually leased then we are successful, and they are continually leased if we work with you for mutual satisfaction.”

That’s the RDS Way!  Give us a call!

About RDS Real Estate

RDS Real Estate is a leader in leasing warehouse space, office space for lease, and multi-use space in Tarrant County, featuring industrial and commercial properties in Fort Worth, Haslet, Blue Mound, the Alliance Area, Arlington, Kennedale, and Haltom City.  For more information about any of their properties, call Jim Eaton at (817) 439-3224, email leasing@rdsinvestments or visit  RDS is owned by Ron Sturgeon, a leading name in commercial property for lease in the Fort Worth area.  And for information about Sturgeon’s newest business park, Box Office Warehouse Suites, the only business park in Fort Worth made entirely from shipping containers, you can also contact Jim Eaton.