We can help you find the office space for lease in Southlake that you want. Give us a call at (817) 439-3224 and we will walk you through the process.

What kind of office space for lease do you want?

No, not all offices are the same. They come in all shapes and sizes, at practically all costs imaginable, so let’s begin with listing your specific needs.

How many customers do you expect to see daily in our office? If your business is thriving and you have a steady flow of customers, you may need to consider a reception area out front of the office(s).  You may also need to consider a multiple-office space if you are a busy, growing, thriving business.  On the flip side of that discussion, you may have a start-up business, or a home-based business, and you only need the bare essentials to get you started.  You might also consider a coworking space, an office share if you will.

What kind of office space will you need in five years?

We ask this of every one of our clients, and we ask this because all too often our clients will outgrow their offices in five years and then have to move once more, and any business owner can tell you that moving your business is a potential kiss of death.  So what does your growth chart look like five years down the road? Will one office still suffice in five years, or will you need two? Three?  A storeroom in back?  And we can hear your wheels grinding as you consider paying for office space to rent you may not need for three or four years, and that is certainly a concern worth considering, but so is outgrowing the office space and moving to the detriment of your business.

Tough decisions to make!

Once you have made those decisions you need to consider your operating budget and money allotted for rental fees.  What can you afford? Far too many small businesses have crumbled right out of the gate by taking on too much debt.  Don’t be one of them.  If you can’t afford a full-time leasing office space, consider a coworking space.  If you can’t afford office space in downtown Southlake, your first choice, consider office space on the outskirts of Southlake where traffic flow is still good, or even consider office space for lease Fort Worth or office space for lease Grapevine.  The point is this: taking on too much expense can cripple a company, so avoid this at all costs, and one of those costs may be the location you wanted so badly when this search began.

Office space for lease in Southlake is available, and we can find it for you, but there are also options to consider based on the current, and future, health of your business.  Do not rush into this decision. Contact us and we will walk you through it slowly until you are absolutely comfortable with all aspects of that decision.

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