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Read this article’s title again: “Multi-use loft for rent Forth Worth available now at a low price.”  Quite frankly, after reading that title, you should be both intrigued and skeptical.  Lofts rarely come up for rent in major cities, and they certainly don’t come up for rent at low prices.  So what gives? And what do we mean by a multi-use loft?

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A loft for rent is a thing of the past in major cities!

That statement is inherently true!  In most major cities, in the downtown corridor, you will not find a loft for rent, and if you do it will not be at a low price.  Most major cities in the United States are undergoing gentrification, a facelift if you will, and that facelift includes large, expensive units to lease, not smaller units like lofts.  But we aren’t talking about the Fort Worth downtown corridor. We are talking about unincorporated North Fort Worth, away from the gentrification efforts and yet right in the middle of all the economic activity.

How is that possible?  North Fort Worth,  around the Alliance Area, is one of the fastest growing areas in all of Tarrant County.  You see, the Fort Worth downtown corridor has maxed out.  It simply cannot get any bigger.  All available land downtown has been used, so the future expansion of Fort Worth is going to happen in the Alliance Area.  What we are offering is a multi-use loft for a low price in an area which is poised to skyrocket in activity.

Sound good?

What about this low price commercial property for rent?

A loft for rent .  . . a studio for rent . . .an office space for lease .  . . a retail space for lease . . . beginning at $875 per month!  That is seriously low, friends!  For commercial property for lease Fort Worth, $875 per month is like rock-bottom in the real estate world. It’s a price that screams “GRAB IT QUICKLY,” and it is yours for the taking right now.

Where can you find this loft for rent?

The place is Box Office Warehouse Suites in the heart of the Fort Worth Design District.  Suites beginning at 320 square feet, many with balconies, and all starting at that low $875 per month.  These are zoned as multi-use units, which means that loft for rent can be used as an office, as a retail space, as a small warehouse, or as a shop space.  No matter what your occupation may be,  from artist to designer to craftsman to insurance agent, we have a loft for rent which will match your needs.

The name is RDS Real Estate, and you really need to contact us sooner rather than later. We are locally owned and operated, and we are the managing company for Box Office Warehouse Suites.

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