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Many of you are now asking: what is multi-use commercial property for rent Fort Worth, and it’s a valid question.  The term “multi-use” is not one you see in commercial real estate very often, but it is one we use at RDS Real Estate all the time.  We encourage you to read this article and then call us at (817) 439-3224. We will answer any questions you might have.

What is multi-use commercial property?

Simply stated, multi-use commercial property is commercial property which can be used for a number of purposes. We begin with this basic truth: 99% of commercial property is simply four walls, a roof, and a floor.  The only thing that differentiates one commercial property from another is the business that is in it. In other words, an office space for lease can easily be a retail space for rent.  You, the business owner, are the one who determines what that commercial property will be by the nature of your business.

What possible difference can it make?

Using our designation of multi-use, we greatly expand the choices you have when you are looking for commercial property for lease Fort Worth.  Let’s say you do a search for an office for rent Fort Worth, and your search nets you twenty possible locations to consider.  But expanding the search to include retail lease space now gives you double the number of properties to consider.

The best multi-use property available?

For commercial property for rent Fort Worth, there is none better than what you will find at Box Office Warehouse Suites in unincorporated North Fort Worth.   There we do not lease offices, nor do we lease warehouses or retail spaces or shops.  There we lease commercial units and leave it up to you to determine what they will be.

When you take a tour of Box Office Warehouse Suites, what you will find are 320 square foot units which have no designation. They are blank canvases waiting for you, the artist.  They are all identical in size. They can be made into anything you want them to be.  Happy Bank leases one of those units, as does Salon & Spa Galleria.  We have warehouses there and we have artist lofts.  RDS Real Estate works closely with you to make sure your empty space becomes whatever it is you want it to be.

How great is that?  This is a new concept in the commercial real estate business, and it is catching on quickly.  And one of the greatest features of Box Office Warehouse Suites: all the suites are made from retrofitted and recycled shipping containers. This allows for flexibility, and it also keeps costs down which means lower leasing costs to you.  And if you want to double the size of your office or retail shop, we simply attach another container to the existing container and you are suddenly a bigger business.

Contact us today!  You really need to see Box Office Warehouse Suites to gain a full appreciation of multi-use commercial property for lease.  One phone call, to us, is all you have to do.