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A warehouse for rent Tarrant County for small businesses?  Your first question is probably this: is that even possible?

And it would be a logical and totally understandable question.  A typical warehouse for rent in Tarrant County is thousands of square feet in size, much too large for a small business.

But we have a solution.  We are RDS Real Estate, and we specialize in small industrial properties for lease.

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How small is your small business?

Typically a small business begins as a home-based business.  The owner works out of his/her home, keeping costs down, and storage is provided by a garage or shed.  An office is set up in a spare bedroom, a business license hangs in that office, and you are open for business.  But then the best scenario happens, and your business grows, and suddenly you have outgrown your home.  You need an actual warehouse with actual bay doors and perhaps a loading dock.  You need a professional appearance for your company, and so you start looking for a real warehouse for rent Fort Worth, or a warehouse for rent Grapevine.

But they are much too large, and must too expensive!  What would you ever do with 5,000 square feet of warehouse space? And how would you ever pay for it?

We have a solution, and that solution is called Box Office Warehouse Suites.

What is Box Office Warehouse Suites?

How does a 320 square foot warehouse for rent sound to you? How about a 640 square foot warehouse, or a 1,280 square foot warehouse for rent Ft. Worth?  At Box Office Warehouse Suites, you can rent one unit or you can rent connecting units, and it is all possible because our commercial and industrial units are retrofitted shipping containers. They connect like Legos and they are the perfect solution for a small business owner who needs more space but cannot afford to pay for a mammoth warehouse for rent.

Rentals begin at $875 per month, and we challenge you to find a warehouse for rent in Tarrant County which is less-expensive than that.

What features do they offer:

  • Outside storage available
  • Bay doors available
  • Office space
  • ADA restrooms
  • Coffee area
  • Reception/Lobby area
  • Covered/garage parking available

And all of that is in the Alliance Area of North Fort Worth, one of the fastest growing industrial and commercial areas in Tarrant County.

But you can’t fully appreciate Box Office Warehouse Suites without visiting it, so we invite you to contact us soon and arrange for a tour, or you can first watch the drone tour on YouTube.  Box Office Warehouse Suites is funky.  It is environmentally-friendly, and it is the heart of the Fort Worth Design District, a new business pocket neighborhood surrounded by growth.

What do you say?  A warehouse for rent Tarrant County for a small business? Affordable, creative, and flexible, not to mention inexpensive?  Does that sound like something you could embrace?

Contact us today!  RDS Real Estate is standing by to help you.  Finding what you need is what we do.