What kind of loft for rent in Tarrant County are you looking for?  A loft for rent to live in, or a loft for rent to work in?  There are a lot of the former, but few of the latter. This article will help you find a loft for rent to work in, so if that’s you, give us a call at (817) 439-3224. We are RDS Real Estate and commercial property for rent Tarrant County is what we live and breathe.

Why a loft for rent Tarrant County?

Just curious, but why are you looking specifically for a loft for rent?  If you are an artist or a photographer, why not a shop for rent?  Why not a nice  office space to rent, and just convert the office into a workspace?  Why are you limiting your search parameters to a loft for rent?  There are many retail spaces for rent to choose from; why not one of those?

It may seem like a small point, but we believe you really should have specific reasons when you are looking for commercial property for rent.  This is one of the most important business decisions you can make, so knowing why you make it is equally important.

And why is your search “loft for rent Tarrant County?”

Why not loft for rent Fort Worth, or loft for rent Arlington?  Do you have a specific location in mind? Have you done any market research about locations? Did you even know that prices for commercial and industrial property for rent vary greatly from city to city in Tarrant County?  These are things you need to know. These are things we can help you with.

Knowing nothing about your specific situation, we can give you a “blind” recommendation to consider.  In our opinion, the best lofts for rent in Tarrant County can be found in the Alliance Area of unincorporated North Fort Worth.  The Alliance Area is one of the fastest growing commercial area in the State of Texas, and in that area is a pocket business neighborhood called the Fort Worth Design District. Within that funky and creative District is Box Office Warehouse Suites, as funky, creative, and environmentally-friendly a business park as you are likely to find, and there you will find lofts for rent starting at 320 square feet and $875 per month.  Believe us, you won’t find a better value on a loft for rent anywhere else in Tarrant County.

Take a look at the drone tour of Box Office Warehouse Suites on YouTube.  Contact our office and arrange for a tour of BOWS.  Talk to our leasing agent about move-in specials.  Talk to other “renters” at the business park.  Make your decision based on actual facts rather than guesswork.

Again, we are RDS Real Estate, locally owned and operated in Tarrant County.  We have over one-million square feet of multi-use commercial property for rent in Tarrant County, and we are certain that we have what you need.

A loft for rent Tarrant County?  No problem! Contact us today!