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Are you into the Arts and looking for a loft for rent Fort Worth?

If you’ve already started your search, you are probably thinking you just signed on for the next installment of “Mission Impossible,” right?  A loft for rent in Fort Worth?  Is that even possible?  With gentrification going on downtown, and rezoning happening, the idea of finding an affordable “walk up” in downtown Fort Worth is simply not realistic for a artist, musician, sculptor, or photographer.

We have a solution!  You need to call this number . . . (817) 439-3224. That number will hook you up with us, RDS Real Estate, and we have a loft for rent Fort Worth with your name on it . . . and it’s affordable to boot . . . and it is in the most creative business district in Fort Worth.

Sound perfect?  Would you like some details?

How much room do you need in a loft for rent?

How does 320 square feet sound?  8’x40’, a balcony,  a kitchenette, ample parking, electric car recharging stations, graffiti art on the buildings, funky atmosphere . . . how does it all sound?  And if you said it sounds pretty fantastic, how does $875 per month sound?  If you are nodding your head right now, we say Welcome to the Fort Worth Design District, in the heart of the Alliance Area of unincorporated North Forth Worth, free from gentrification and restricted zoning laws, and free from the Certificate of Occupancy restriction.

And within that District is Box Office Warehouse Suites, a unique business park which was built specifically with small business owners in mind, and in particular creative types who are a bit off-center in the way they see the world.  Because, you see, Box Office Warehouse Suites is a business park made entirely from recycled shipping containers, all painted in bright colors, all decorated with graffiti art, and all embracing the artistic freedom of today’s new business environment.

Are you an artist type?  A creative?  Are you looking for a loft for rent?

Your search is over!

We invite you to watch the drone tour of Box Office Warehouse Suites on YouTube. We invite you to contact us at RDS Real Estate.  We invite you to talk to some of our current lease customers at Box Office Warehouse Suites.  Stand in the parking lot and let the creative atmosphere and vibes wash over you.  Who needs a walk-up in downtown Fort Worth when there is a creative community waiting to embrace YOUR creativity in the Alliance Area?

Only $875 per month for a loft for rent Fort Worth!

This is a game-changer.  This is a profit-maker.  This is an opportunity which will make your dreams become a reality, commercial property for rent, in Fort Worth, which is affordable!

Contact us!  RDS Real Estate, locally owned and operated, with over one-million square feet of commercial space for lease.

All with the small business person in mind.

All with success in mind.

All multi-use commercial properties for lease at affordable prices.

You really can’t afford NOT to call us! Do it today!