We can help you in leasing office space in Saginaw.  Give us a call at (817) 439-3224.  We are RDS Real Estate, and that one phone call will put you on the right track for success.

It seems like it would be so easy, right?  Leasing office space in Saginaw can’t be that difficult, correct?  And in truth it is not.  There are a number of good opportunities to rent office space in Saginaw.  Give us five minutes and we can print out a list of possibilities for you to consider.  But if it were that easy you wouldn’t need us at all, and you do need us.

Why use a commercial real estate agent when leasing office space

To answer that question one must take a closer look at what it is a commercial real estate agent does.  At RDS Real Estate, probably the easiest thing we do is print out possible properties for you to look at, but it’s what we do before the printing that makes us invaluable.

We sit down with you and ask the tough questions.  We ask about the nature of your business.  Are you an insurance agency? Are you a title company, or a doctor in need of office space to rent? The nature of your business will determine the best location for your business, a fact many business owners fail to grasp.

Market research is invaluable when leasing office space

We provide important market research which will be crucial for your business growth.  For instance, do you know where the fastest-growing commercial area is in Tarrant County in 2019?  It’s not Saginaw but rather the Alliance Area of unincorporated North Fort Worth, five miles from Saginaw. We can provide the numbers. We can provide information about traffic flow. We can provide demographics which will make or break your business in the coming years.

And that is something you cannot do!

It may well be that office space for lease Fort Worth is better for your company, or it may be that you would do better with office space for lease Haltom City. 

We have the information and the knowledge about Tarrant County which will help you decide on the best location.

This may well be the most important business decision you will ever make.  Choose a great location and your company will flourish.  Choose the wrong location and your company may flounder.  Do you really want to go it alone in making that decision?

We are locally owned and operated which is important because neighbors help neighbors in Tarrant County.  Contact us and you’ll be dealing with Texans and not some transplants from a headquarters in Los Angeles or Chicago.

We have over one-million square feet of multi-use commercial property for rent in Tarrant County.  Placed end-to-end that’s about twenty-four miles of commercial property; chances are very good that what you want is in that twenty-four miles.

Do the logical thing and contact us . . . RDS Real Estate . . . we will ask the tough questions, and in doing so we will simplify your decision-making process.