What do you need in industrial space for lease in Grapevine?  There are all manner of properties which follow under that search term, industrial space.  Do you need a warehouse for rent Grapevine? Do you need a shop for rent Grapevine?  A garage for rent, or an office warehouse for rent?  All of those headings fall under the parameters of industrial space for lease in the commercial real estate business, so your first step in this process is to be specific regarding your needs.

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Did you know this about industrial property for rent?

A term is just a term in industrial real estate.

If that sounds like a riddle, consider this fact: there really is not difference between a warehouse and a shop.  They both consist of four walls, and they usually have bay doors and a loading dock. Consider this:  a small warehouse, partitioned just so by a professional interior decorator, is suddenly a retail business with attached offices and a storeroom.

All of this is to illustrate a key point about industrial space for lease: most properties are what we like to call multi-use properties.  In other words, they can be used by a variety of different business types. Even a small office can be re-arranged so that it is a small retail space for lease. In today’s business world, nothing is truly sacred, especially when it comes to industrial property for rent. And that is exciting news because it actually increases your possibilities ten-fold.  Instead of being locked in to some developer’s vision of a warehouse, you can rent a multi-use property and make it what you want it to be.

A perfect example of multi-use property

The discussion is, of course, about industrial space for lease in Grapevine, but we want to give you an example to consider in unincorporated North Fort Worth, a place called Box Office Warehouse Suites.  At Box Office Warehouse Suites you will find warehouses, shops, garages, retails sites, and offices, all developed from retrofitted shipping containers. Each space starts out as a 8’x40’ empty space.  What it becomes after it is leased is limited only by the limits of your imagination. Four walls, a ceiling, and a door . . . that basic description fits for a warehouse, a retail shop, a garage, or an office, and that is the key component of a multi-use  industrial property for rent.

Just something to think about as you take up your search for industrial properties for lease in Grapevine . . . one man’s vision is not necessarily the vision of others. Industrial space is just a term, like warehouse, office, or garage.  Look for what you need specifically, and don’t get hung up on terms.

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