Searching for industrial space for lease in Southlake, Texas, might not take long and could, quite possibly, end in frustration. Southlake is a city of only 25,000, so industrial space is limited in number.  Depending upon what you want, a warehouse for rent, a garage for rent, a shop for rent, you may or may not find what you want.

We can help. We are RDS Real Estate, our number is (817) 439-3224, and if industrial space exists in Southlake, we can find it for you. Contact us today.

Industrial property for rent a stone’s throw away

The thing about industrial property for rent in the DFW Megaplex is this: you are never far from a major  commercial and industrial area.  In Tarrant County, everything is within a thirty minute drive, depending upon traffic.  Grapevine is right next door to Southlake, so searching for industrial space Grapevine will net you quite a bit to look at.  Spreading out a little further you can do a search for industrial space Haltom City.

And spreading out a few  minutes more, you can look at industrial space for least Fort Worth.  So you do, in fact, have a great amount of industrial property for rent Tarrant County to look at.  It just probably won’t be right in Southlake.

What type of industrial space for lease are you looking for?

This complicates matters a bit more.  If you are looking for a warehouse for rent in Southlake, you might be in for a long wait. The same is true for a shop for rent or a garage for  rent, especially if you have specific wants and needs. What if you have a small company, you are looking for an office warehouse for rent, in Southlake, no bigger than 3,000 square feet, and all you can find in Southlake is a warehouse with 10,000 square feet and no office?  Or you are looking for a small garage  with special wiring for heavy equipment and tools, and all Southlake has is a shop for rent with no special wiring?  You have no choice, really, but to expand your search and look beyond the boundaries of Southlake.

And that brings you back to us, RDS Real Estate, experts in industrial property for rent Tarrant County.  We are locally owned and operated.  We own over one-million square feet of industrial and commercial property, and we guarantee we can find what you want in, or close to, Southlake.  That kind of guarantee only comes from an experienced company and from a company accustomed to achieving its goals.

Here is what happens when you contact RDS Real Estate: our broker/leasing agent will sit down with you and ask for a detailed list of features you are looking for in a warehouse, garage, or shop.  He/she will ask you about operating budgets and money allotted for rent.  He/she will talk to you about multi-use properties and the beauty of flexibility.  And he/she will point out the best location, based on years of experience, for your business.

Contact us today!  We can have you in industrial space for lease in a matter of weeks.