Commercial Property For Rentstudio for rent in Fort Worth

We can give you an easy answer to the question “how to find a loft for rent Tarrant County,” and that answer is this: call RDS Real Estate and ask about Box Office Warehouse Suites.  Our number is (817) 439-3224.  We are standing by eager to give you a tour of BOWS.

Why is it so hard to find a loft for rent?

To put a nice, simple bow on it, because lofts for rent are not profitable in today’s commercial real estate market!  Back in the day, and we are only talking twenty years ago, there were countless lofts available in most major cities, walk-ups above street-level retail businesses, cute little spaces were artists and sculptors and photographers could have a work-space with good lighting at a reasonable price.

But in today’s world, bigger is better.  In the world of gentrification, many of those quaint upstairs units are being torn down or remodeled.  Two lofts, side by side, each 500 square feet, are combined to make a 1,000 square foot office for rent, or a 1,000 square foot retail space for lease, and the leasing cost is jacked up to reflect the gentrification and to recoup the cost.  Law firms move in where once young artists painted the next masterpiece . . . welcome to the 21st Century!

Plain, hard truth about commercial property for rent.

So when we tell you we have a loft for rent Fort Worth, each 320 square feet in size, and each $875 per month, smack-dab in the middle of the Alliance Area of Tarrant County, you really need to listen closely.

Box Office Warehouse Suites is anti-gentrification.  We leave the gentrification to San Francisco and Los Angeles.  We deal in hard realities.  At one time we had a small real estate firm.  At one time we were struggling.  At one time we needed to find away to pay the steep leasing fees so we could get established, and we remember how hard it all was.

So we offer, to you, Box Office Warehouse Suites, thirty-eight professionally designed units, all made from recycled shipping containers, and all costing $875 per month.

Shipping containers for small businesses . . . sheer genius!

How does all this sound:

  • Covered/garage parking available
  • ADA Restrooms
  • Coffee area
  • Balcony available
  • Great location off of Interstate 35 at the Golden Triangle Exit in the Alliance commercial real estate area, only the hottest real estate area in the DFW Metro area.
  • Minutes from Alliance area
  • Flexible lease terms available
  • Affordable rates

All for $875 per month, and all in the Alliance Area, one of the fastest-growing commercial regions in all of Tarrant County . . . how does that sound?

This is not a trick! This is not a scam! We are RDS Real Estate, one of the leaders in commercial property for rent Tarrant County.

We are locally owned and operated, and Box Office Warehouse Suites really exists.  The only thing you have to do to see a great loft for rent Tarrant County is call us and schedule a tour of Box Office Warehouse Suites.

It just might be a life-changing event!

Contact us today!