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You are looking for industrial space.  There are literally dozens, or maybe even hundreds, to choose from in the city you reside.  How do you choose from among so many “industrial property for rent” options?

Hopefully, this article will help you in your search. We are RDS Real Estate, serving the Greater Fort Wort/Tarrant County area, and we know a thing or two about searching for industrial property for lease. Call us at 817-439-3224 for answers to your questions or to arrange for a tour of some of our many industrial properties.

Let’s look at the following leasing considerations:

  • Your budget
  • Location
  • Surround yourself with “helpful” neighbors
  • Access
  • Lease fine print
  • Room for expansion

Your budget

Your options are many.  Your budget is limited.

We mention those two things as a reason for sticking to your budget.  You CAN find what you want, in a city the size of Fort Worth, which fits within your budget.  You do not have to “cheat” on your budget.  You do not have to take on a financial responsibility which is too large for your finances.  Fort Worth/Tarrant County literally has hundreds of industrial properties for rent i.e. warehouse for rent, garage for rent, shop for rent, office warehouse for rent.  You do not have to pay more than you want to pay, period, end of story!


If you do not deal with clients on a daily basis, the location of your industrial space may not be terribly important; but if you do deal with clients, and they will be visiting your site often, location is important.  Make sure it is near a major arterial or just off a major freeway.  Make it easy on your clients and they will come away with a good first impression of your business.  Make them trek across country, like a pioneer, and they will not be pleased.

Helpful neighbors

This may, or may not, be important.  Oftentimes you can help your business by being near other businesses which are “related” to your business. An office business park might be a good location for an office supply warehouse, as an example.


Easy access in, easy access out, and ample plus overflow parking . . . these things are important!  Also, make sure delivery vans and trucks have ample room to maneuver their trucks in your parking lot.

Fine print

Read the contract carefully. Make sure you understand the fine print of your leasing agreement. Make sure there are no hidden costs. Make sure you totally understand the liability you are accepting, the length of the lease, etc.


And, finally, a consideration very few businesses look at: how big will your company be in five years, and is the industrial space you are leasing large enough to handle growth in your company? It would be a royal pain if you had to move to a larger industrial space in five years, especially if that move could have been avoided by simply leasing a slightly larger space sooner rather than later.

A word about RDS Real Estate

Industrial space for lease, commercial property for lease, retail, wholesale, we have it all at RDS Real Estate. Call us and put us to work on your behalf.  We guarantee we have what you need in Tarrant County.