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If you are looking for Fort Worth shop space for rent, we have some suggestions and creative options which might help you in that search.  We invite you to read this article and then give us a call at (817) 439-3224.  We can open your eyes to some great industrial space options you may not have thought of.

What is shop space for rent?

Before you begin searching for shop space for rent Fort Worth, it would be helpful if you knew what it is you are looking for among all that industrial space for rent.  In the commercial real estate world, a shop is a place where things are manufactured or repaired, i.e. a workshop.  Yes, there is another meaning, as in a place where things are sold at retail, as in the meat shop, but for the purpose of this article we will be discussing the first definition.

What is a shop, really, in terms of industrial space?

This strikes at the heart of the problem when searching for a shop for rent.  In reality, a shop is simply four walls, a ceiling, and a floor.  It has electrical outlets and it has a door.  In reality, a shop is nothing more than a small warehouse, or a garage; all have four walls, a ceiling, a floor and a door.  But when most people go looking for a shop for rent Fort Worth, they usually limit themselves to the ads which mention “shop,” thus severely limiting themselves in their search.

And there is the creative option we wanted to share with you: open up your search parameters. Instead of looking at just “Fort Worth shop space for rent,” expand your search and look for industrial property for lease Fort Worth.  Make your parameters more size specific  and more location specific, and don’t limit your search to just shops.

The designations “shop” or “garage” or “warehouse” can affect the asking price of a property,  just as the location can, so this is a cost-effective strategy.  And we would like to add one more search term to consider: multi-use.  This is a term which is not heard as often in the commercial real estate business, but it is one worth considering.  As the name suggests, a multi-use industrial property is one which can be used for a multitude of purposes, i.e. as a garage, as a shop, as a warehouse, retail space, or flex space.  It is generic in construction and only becomes specific when matched with a customer’s needs.

And one such property in unincorporated North Fort Worth is Box Office Warehouse Suites, a business park in the Fort Worth Design District where there are thirty-eight multi-use industrial properties for lease, all perfect for practically any purpose for small and medium-sized businesses.

Our suggestion: if you want a Fort Worth shop space for rent, the first place to look should be Box Office Warehouse Suites!

We are RDS Real Estate, and we specialize in finding you small and medium-size commercial and industrial properties for rent.  Give us a call and we can find the shop space you need at a price you can afford.