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That’s not a misprint! We do know of a Fort Worth loft for rent for under $1,000 per month, and that lot can be found in the Fort Worth Design District at a place called Box Office Warehouse Suites.

For more information, call us – RDS Real Estate – at 817-439-3224 and we can arrange for a tour of those lofts and other commercial property for rent and industrial property for lease.

What is the Fort Worth Design District?

 The Fort Worth Design District is a business enclave made for creative entrepreneurs in fashion, design, architecture, technology, and other fields that prize both design and aesthetics. About 40 acres, Fort Worth Design District features retail shop spaces, studios and workshops, showrooms, light industrial spaces for makers, distributors and manufacturers and office suites.

Put another way, the Fort Worth Design District is where it is at for those looking to “break the mode” and experience a new way of doing business.

What is Box Office Warehouse Suites?

You need flexible commercial property for lease that represents an excellent value and can grow as your business grows. We understand and expect that our creative entrepreneurial tenants may work unusual hours and that they want a place where they can be efficient but comfortable. You need the freedom to use the space as you see fit. Using revolutionary shipping container construction, Box Office Warehouse Suites delivers for creative entrepreneurs like you by providing shipping container commercial spaces with unique amenities for rents that represent great value.

About that loft for rent!

Each loft for rent is 320 square feet in size, and each one costs a ridiculously low price of $875 per month.

Under $1,000, just as we promised!

We challenge you, right now, to find another loft for rent in Tarrant County for that price. We challenge you to find one anywhere in the United States for that price.  This is, quite frankly, an opportunity for a small business owner, or a home-based business owner, which is too good to pass up.  You at least owe it to yourself to visit Box Office Warehouse Suites and take a look for yourself.

Why the Alliance Area rather than downtown Fort Worth?

Listen, downtown Fort Worth may not be dying, like so many other downtown districts across the United States, but it certainly is not the thriving hub it once was.  Businesses are spreading out to the outskirts of Fort Worth, where real estate prices are lower and where the population is now migrating, and the fastest growing of all of these outlying districts is the Alliance Area.  In fact, the Alliance Area is the fastest growing commercial, industrial, and residential area in all of Tarrant County.

In other words, it is the perfect place to rent commercial property or industrial space.

In other words, it is the perfect place for a loft for rent.

A word about RDS Real Estate

If you want a commercial real estate company which has its fingers on the pulse of Tarrant County and Fort Worth, RDS Real Estate is that company. We are locally owned and operated.  If we can’t find the commercial or industrial property you want, chances are excellent that property does not exist.

Call us today and arrange for a tour of these wonderful lofts for rent.