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A bit odd that title . . . Fort Worth commercial property for rent for creative business people . . . how can commercial property for lease be creative, or how can it engender creativity?

Read on . . . learn . . . and then call us for details at (817) 439-3224.  Our leasing agent is standing by to answer your questions.

Creativity is in the eye of the beholder

For sure, there are some people who absolutely ooze creativity. Take one of those people, stick them in an empty warehouse for rent in the worst part of the city, and they will still be able to produce a  magnificent piece of art or conjure up a creative solution to a business problem.  Our guess is that those same people maintain their creativity in an outhouse, so let’s not talk about that small sampling of people.

Most people need a creative environment in which to foster their creativity, whether that environment be a forest setting or a neighborhood which caters to The Creatives of this world.

We at RDS Real Estate believe in fostering creativity, and that is why we created the Fort Worth Design District, a creative pocket business neighborhood in unincorporated North Fort Worth where creativity is encouraged.

How creative is the Fort Worth Design District?

How about a Graffiti Art Festival creative?  How about office space for lease in a converted horse barn oozing with atmosphere and inspiration? How about a business park made from shipping containers with bright colors, with lofts with balconies, and with electric car charging stations? How about a dog park right in the middle of the business district?

These things are not conjecture. They do, in fact, exist in the Alliance Area of North Fort Worth, commercial property for lease with a lean towards creativity and funkiness.

Paddock Place Coworking Spaces

Instead of renting an office for rent, by yourself, for a year or more, Paddock Place Coworking Spaces rents shared office space for those who want the ambiance of a coworking environment, and it all happens in a magnificent restored horse barn.

Box Office Warehouse Suites

Instead of a business park for medium-to-large businesses, Box Office Warehouse Suites  caters to the small guy with units starting at 320 square feet in size, perfect for a loft for rent or a studio for rent, and it all happens within brightly-colored retrofitted shipping containers, the absolute funkiest business park you are ever going to encounter. Check out the drone tour on YouTube and picture yourself within such an environment, creating from sun up to sundown in an atmosphere which encouragers creativity instead of stifling it.

Business does not have to be boring, and by extension commercial property for rent does not have to be boring.  At RDS Real Estate, we believe the best results happen in a perfect marriage of property and business owner.  No matter what you need, a warehouse for rent, an office for rent, or a retail space for lease, we can find what you need at a cost you can afford.

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