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If you think it’s next to impossible to find a loft for rent, in Fort Worth, which is affordable, this article is for you.  We are RDS Real Estate, serving the Greater Fort Worth area, including Tarrant, Parker, and Johnson Counties, with over three-million square feet of industrial space and commercial property for rent.

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Finding a loft for rent in Fort Worth Metro.

If you have already tried to find a loft for rent in Fort Worth Metro, you know, then, how difficult that will be.  And if you do happen to fall upon one which is available, in a good location, you know just how expensive that loft will be.

Here is a cold, hard fact about Fort Worth: it is the second-fastest growing major city in the United States, soon to climb over the one-million mark in population, and Metro real estate is almost impossible to find.  We are certainly not discouraging anyone from trying to find a loft for rent in downtown Fort Worth, but we are saying it will be hard to find and, if found, will be quite expensive.

The best loft for rent available in Tarrant County.

There is, however, lofts for rent in North Fort Worth, in the Alliance Area, and in particular in the Fort Worth Design District. There you will find Box Office Warehouse Suites, and there you will find lofts for rent, starting at 320-square feet in size.  These are professionally-designed, refurbished shipping containers, very affordable, and just funky enough to attract The Creatives in the Greater Fort Worth area.

The beauty of renting in the Fort Worth Design District.

The Fort Woth Design District is in the Alliance Area, and that is one of the fastest growing industrial and commercial areas in Tarrant County. The District is right in the path of the Fort Worth growth, where all of those new residents are moving and where the goods and services those new residents will need.

You really need to see The District to believe it. It is home to the largest collection of street art in Texas, brightly-colored buildings unlike anything Fort Worth has seen.  Electric car charging stations are available, as is a dog park, and The District also includes Paddock Place Office Suites, for those looking for shared office space, and Golden Triangle Business Park, for those looking for more traditional commercial and industrial space. Add it all together and it represents the future of Fort Worth real estate.

A final word about RDS Real Estate.

What do you want? A warehouse for rent? Office space for rent? Retail space for lease?  Shop for rent? Garage for rent?  No matter what you are looking for in the Greater Fort Worth area, RDS Real Estate has it.  Call us today and ask us about 917 Industrial Park in Alvarado, an industrial park designed specifically with small businesses in mind.

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