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This aspect of industrial space, what it says about your business, is an interesting one, but beyond the “interest” factor, it is a topic worth considering if you are a business owner.  Let’s dive into it and see if we can’t supply some clarification about a topic rarely talked about.

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The nature of industrial space is problematic.

The very definition of industrial space lends itself to, shall we say, bland.  Industrial space is defined as “property used to identify a building used for manufacturing, production, fabrication, assembling and conducting meetings. And, while industrial space can also include warehousing tasks, it doesn’t always have to be a warehouse property.”

If one were to close their eyes and imagine a typical industrial property for rent, more likely than not that image would be of a gray, rectangular building, most likely with a cement exterior, with loading docks and small doors leading into a mammoth interior.  In other words, the typical warehouse/manufacturing buildings we have seen on the American landscape for at least a century.

From an image standpoint, those buildings say warehouse.  Nothing more, nothing less, and they also definitely say uninspired.

What is your business image?

Which leads us to this question: what is your business image?  Think long and hard about that question, and then ask this question: does a traditional industrial space speak loudly about your company image and, if so, what does that say?  Perhaps you don’t believe the building needs to reflect your company image? We would argue that point.  We believe the exterior of the building housing your company is actually the first message presented to the business world and the buying public.

And this, then, presents a problem.  If, as we say, most industrial space for lease is bland in nature, how does one lease industrial property which says something other than “boring?”

Landscaping would help, of course.  You may find a property manager who will allow you to paint the building with a statement logo?  Or you may be lucky enough to live in a city where a property, like the one we mention below, exists.

An example of matching the two.

We draw your attention to Box Office Warehouse Suites, located in the Alliance Area of North Fort Worth. There you will find industrial space for lease which are actually retrofitted, and professionally designed, shipping contains. Each one is brightly painted, and many are adorned with award-winning street/graffiti art.

And what does that say about the companies who rent those properties? It says creativity.  It says bold.  It says 21st Century rather than 19th or 20th. It says not afraid to make a statement, and it says the leading edge of a new movement towards vitality in design.

Now, which image best matches your business?

We hope we have, at the very least, given you something to think about as you prepare to search for industrial property in your city.

A final word about RDS Real Estate

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