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Searching for a shop for rent?  We can tell you, without hesitation, the first question we answer from clients is this: how much is it?

However, we believe the second question which should be asked is this: what other secondary costs will I be facing with a shop space for rent?

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Rental price on shop for rent is part of the story.

What are you going to pay in rent for a shop for rent? This is the figure every renter is fully aware of. It’s apparent in the rental listing; it’s the first question asked, as mentioned before, and in many cases, sadly, it is the only figure business owners budget for, especially first-time business owners renting for the first time.

And that is a huge mistake!

What are secondary costs?

What is the cost of utilities? What is the cost of Wi-Fi?  Insurance for a shop for rent? Are you responsible for maintenance of the property?

Then add these costs to the total.

Are you hiring an accountant? Will you need a lawyer on retainer? How about signage for that business of yours? Furnishings? There is a very real chance that furnishings alone, if high-quality, will run you a couple thousand dollars, if not a great deal more, depending upon the size of your business.

Transportation expenses?  Depending upon the nature of your business, this could be a very large expenditure. And what type of shop are we talking about?  An auto shop will set you back considerably just in the tools and supplies and machinery you need. Same with some manufacturing shop.  If we are talking about a retail clothing shop, the inventory alone could be crippling.

We could go on because there are many more, but let’s get to the point: without being aware, you will not take necessary steps, and that will mean a false projection of sales and expenses moving forward . . . and that will very likely result in business failure.

Let’s say, finally, you have an accurate grasp of your expenses; it is now time to consider your sales.  Is the property you are considering renting located in a prosperous, active part of town? Does it have good curb appeal? How much traffic passes by daily? How much foot traffic is possible?  How large is the parking lot?  You have a lot of expenses to pay, so your sales better be up to the task.

Are you exhausted yet? If so, good, because this is serious business. Far too many first-time business owners fail to see the entire picture; they wear rose colored glasses and miss crucial details which can be crippling.

As they like to say in chess, “see the whole board” before committing to a commercial or industrial property.

A final word about RDS Real Estate.

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