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Anyone looking for a Fort Worth shop for rent knows all too well the high cost of Fort Worth industrial property for lease.  You have no doubt juggled the figures and come to the same conclusion hundreds of other seekers have come to: industrial property for rent is expensive, quite possibly too expensive for a small business owner.

Not so fast! We are RDS Real Estate, and we believe we have the solution for those looking for an affordable shop space for rent. Call us at 817-439-3224 after you read this article.  All hope may not be lost!

Can you afford a shop for rent in Fort Worth?

Obviously, we do not know your financial status.  Only you know what your bottom line is, and what you can afford when you rent shop.  All we can do is present the cold, hard facts, and regarding a Fort Worth shop for rent, the facts tell you that you can expect to pay somewhere from $1500 to $3000 per month for a small shop for rent in any of the reputable business parks in Tarrant County.

Tack on the cost of utilities, signage, equipment, fees and permits and registrations . . . well, it is our humble opinion that those expenses far exceed the ability of most small business owners or would-be small business owners.

Wait just a minute!

A gem of a shop for rent you can afford.

Tucked into the Alliance Area of North Fort Worth, in an area called the Fort Worth Design District, you will find a business park called Box Office Warehouse Suites, a gem of a business park which has any and all types of industrial properties for lease i.e. warehouse for rent, shop for rent, garage for rent, and they all start at $975 per month.

320 square foot properties for rent, smack dab in the middle of the fastest growing commercial and industrial area in Tarrant County, in one of the funkiest and most unique business parks you will find anywhere.

Words cannot adequately describe Box Office Warehouse Suites.  You really need to see it with your own eyes. Call us for a tour!

A second suggestion

Need something even less expensive, possibly smaller?  Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, in Fort Worth, offers 20’x30’ storage units for right around $300 per month.  Many a small shop owner has discovered this brilliant alternative to traditional industrial property, perfect for craftsmen, repair pros, one-person manufacturing, Etsy shop owners, and other enterprises which do not necessarily care about customer drive-up or walk-up.

A final word about RDS Real Estate.

All of this is to say that RDS Real Estate thinks outside the box. We believe traditional commercial and industrial properties have far too any restrictions for today’s small business owner, and that is why many of our over two-million square feet of properties are, shall we say, a bit out of the ordinary.

We are locally owned and operated, just Texans looking to help fellow Texans, and we are standing by the phone waiting for you to call us.  The shop for rent you seek does exist.  You just need a creative real estate company to help you find it.

Call us today!