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Can you use a loft for rent for business purposes?

Being in the commercial real estate business, we can say without hesitation that this question about a loft for rent is one of the most common questions we are asked. Hopefully, today, in this article, we will clarify it.  We are RDS Real Estate, leading the way in Fort Worth in commercial property for rent as well as industrial space for lease. Call us at 817-439-3224 for more information about a loft for rent or any other type of commercial or industrial property.

Now let’s tackle this tricky question.

What is a loft for rent?

By definition, a loft is a building’s upper story, or the space directly under the roof. It is often confused with a studio for rent, with the difference being a loft can be much larger than a studio.

Historically, a loft for rent was considered a living space.  Back fifty, sixty years ago, if you rented a loft you were most likely renting a loft apartment.  However, times change, and the gentrification of many cities led to changes in how we view lofts.  Today it is quite common to come across artists’ lofts, where artist practice their craft in lofts, specifically because most lofts are wide-open spaces which allow for a variety of uses, sort of like a mini warehouse in design.

All of this leads to the main question of this article, which we will now tackle.

Why not a loft for rent for business purposes?

The only thing preventing someone from using a loft for rent for business purposes is the zoning regulations in that area.  If a downtown area prohibits retail activities in lofts, then lofts in that city will be for residential purposes only.  If the zoning is dual-purpose, and allows retail activities in lofts, then all restrictions are lifted and you can use that space for any activity, including a combination of residential and business.

The only other concern you might have is whether the loft in question is easily accessible for the general public, and how are you going to arrange for signage which will lead the public to your upstairs business.

What you have to do.

The task, then, is a fairly simple one.  Find out what the zoning allows in an area, and that is simply a matter of making a phone call to the planning board in your city . . . or, check with a commercial real estate company and ask them about the zoning laws.

And what if the zoning does not allow for businesses in lofts?  You can always lobby for a zoning change. This is time-consuming, and required jumping through hoops and cutting red tape, but it is done more often than you might think.

A final word about RDS Real Estate.

With over two-million square feet of commercial and industrial space for lease, RDS Real Estate has its finger on the pulse of Fort Worth. Call us and tell us what you need i.e. warehouse for rent, loft for rent, retail space for lease, we have it all and we would love the chance to help you.