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Before you consider leasing office space, read this article, brought to you by RDS Real Estate, one of the leading commercial and industrial property real estate brokers in the Fort Worth area.  Call us at 817-439-3224 for information about all of your commercial property for rent and industrial property needs in Tarrant County.

Now, though, let’s talk about that to-do list for leasing office space.

Before anything else, you need a list of your specific needs

You can’t go into this search blind.  You need to make a specific list of specific needs for your company.  There are dozens, if not hundreds, of offices for rent in your city. There will be one which comes very close to meeting all of your needs, so go crazy when drawing up that list.  You are about to make a major commitment for your business, and that commitment will be costly.  You don’t want to spend a penny on an office for rent which does not fit your company like a well-oiled shoe fits your foot.

Start your search early when leasing office space

The best strategy we can share with you is to begin your search months in advance.  No major decision, like choosing office space for lease, should be made in a rush. Starting early will allow you to weigh all of your options and make an informed decision without the pressure of time limits.

Our suggestion: begin your search a full year in advance.

Make a budget and don’t budge from it

There are many office spaces to choose from, and their prices range from a few hundred per month to a few thousand per month, depending upon where you live.  Choosing an office space to rent is an important decision, but it is one which cannot break your personal bank.  You don’t want to put your business in a financial hole it will never be able to crawl out of.

Set that budget and don’t stray from it!  Period! End of discussion!

Choose an area

Do you need walk-in traffic? Do you need good vehicle traffic flow past your office? Or do you deal in a product or service which does not require those things? Will people come to you no matter where your office is located? Only you can answer that question.  For our money, a high-traffic location is almost always the best location, but they are also usually the most-expensive.

Talk to a lawyer before signing a lease

This is just good business sense. Lawyers understand contracts.  Yes, they will cost you money to look over your leasing contract, but it is money well-spent.  Any legal document which directly affects the health and future of your business should be read by a legal professional.

Save some footwork and work with an experienced real estate broker

Find a highly-respected real estate broker in your area, sit down with that broker and tell them exactly what you are looking for and what you can spend, and then let that broker do your searching for you.  If they are as good as their reputation says they are, they will be successful for you.

Those are the main points we believe are crucial when looking for an office space to rent. Call us for more suggestions.

A word about RDS Real Estate

RDS Real Estate is a locally owned and operated business, serving the great people of Fort Worth and Tarrant County. No matter what you need, from a warehouse for rent to an Fort Worth office space for lease to a garage for rent, we can find it for you in Tarrant County.