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If you are looking for a retail lease space with a loft for rent in Fort Worth, you no doubt are feeling a bit frustrated.  They are hard to find, aren’t they, and for good reason: they are rarely built now by contractors and developers.  Retail  space for lease with a loft is something out of the past, quite frankly.  Today it is all about retail space, and lofts are being converted into larger, more desirable and profitable spaces to accommodate office space to rent.  The old days of “walk-ups” in charming old downtown brick buildings are gone.  Now it is all about profits, square footage, and “bigger is better.”

Having said that, there is one such opportunity available in Fort Worth or, rather, in unincorporated North Fort Worth in the Alliance Area.  Call us for details.  Our number is (817) 439-3224.  We are RDS Real Estate, and we have what you want.

Box Office Warehouse Suites

Without further adieu, the name of the place we are referring to is Box Office Warehouse Suites, just off I35 in the Fort Worth Design District in what is now one of the fastest growing commercial areas in all of Tarrant County.  Box Office Warehouse Suites was built with one purpose in mind: to offer affordable commercial property for rent to small business owners.


There are currently approximately twenty-two million small businesses in the United States with only the proprietor running them. There are an additional thirty-eight million home-based businesses in the United States.  Those businesses need a location.  Unfortunately, most commercial property built these days is much too large for a small business.  In other words, there is a serious need for what Box Office Warehouse Suites offers.

And what do they offer?

At Box Office Warehouse Suites, a loft for rent Fort Worth begins at 320 square feet for $875 per month.  This is the perfect size for a small, one-man retail enterprise, or for a home-based business needing to expand. Many of these retail units come with a loft attached, presenting a perfect opportunity for a business owner in need of retail space for lease and a comfortable space upstairs to relax or use as an office.  And $875 per month is an almost unheard of leasing fee, especially for commercial property in one of the most sought-after commercial areas in all of Tarrant County.  The Alliance Area is booming these days. Take a drive through it and check out the almost frenetic pace of construction going on.

Retail space for rent with these features:

  • ADA restrooms
  • All-glass store fronts for added visibility
  • Great location right off Interstate 35 at the Golden Triangle Exit
  • Affordable rates
  • Flexible lease terms available
  • Space available from 320 sq. ft. up to 2,240 square feet in size

What are you waiting for? Check out Box Office Warehouse Suites on YouTube. There is a drone tour you can watch on that channel.  You can also call us, RDS Real Estate, to have all of your questions answered.  Yes, there are still good opportunities for small businesses.  Contact us and let us help you find them.