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The best industrial space for lease Ft Worth for you?  Only you can answer that question, and you can only answer it if you have a list of criteria to assist you in your search.

Which industrial space would we recommend for you if you were our client?  We would take a look at available properties, match them with your list of criteria, and recommend the best marriage of the two.

Call us today!  RDS Real Estate in Fort Worth, and our number is (817) 439-3224.  Consider us the marriage counselors of industrial property for rent Fort Worth.

What are your criteria for an industrial space?

Make a list of amenities you want in your industrial property for rent.  Bay doors?  Loading dock? Small attached office?  And what about size?  Under 5,000 square feet? Over 5,000?  Do you need outside storage?  How much parking will you need? How many rest rooms? Do you need a break room for employees? How about a reception area for customers and/or clients?  Do you need some flexibility n this industrial property?  What kind of wiring should it have?

And what about location for this industrial space for lease Fort Worth?

Close to the freeway?  Close to downtown corridor?  Close to future growth?  Does the nature of your business in part dictate where it should be located or are there no such restrictions?

And, of course, we have to ask about cost

How much can you afford for this warehouse for rent, shop for rent, or garage for rent?  Remember, you are paying by the square foot, so knowing how much property you need is crucial. Still, you need to play for future growth. This is a tough decision.  If you are a small, small business, perhaps under 1,000 square feet will do, but if you see huge growth in five years, perhaps you need to plan ahead and lease a 2,000 square foot property.  Yes, you will eat a larger lease until your growth occurs, but most likely growth will occur faster in a larger, roomier property.

But you want to know which is the best industrial space for lease Fort Worth, and that is what we are going to give you.

In our professional opinion, and we speak based on decades of experience in industrial real estate, there is no better opportunity for growth in the entire Dallas/Fort Worth area than the Fort Worth Design District in unincorporated North Fort Worth, and specifically in the Alliance Area, and specifically at Box Office Warehouse Suites.

Properties starting at 320 square feet in size . . . Properties starting at $875 per month . . . Properties which can be added to or redesigned to fit your specific needs . . . that is Box Office Warehouse Suites, in our opinion the very best industrial space for lease Fort Worth or in all of Tarrant County.

Want to take a peek? Check out the drone tour on Youtube.  Call our leasing agent and ask for a tour.  Call us and let’s get this process started for you. We won’t rest until we have found the perfect property for your business.