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For first time shoppers for a shop space for rent, this article should prove very helpful. We are RDS Real Estate, and we’ve been matching business owners and commercial property for rent, in the Fort Worth area, for more years than we can remember. Call us at 817-f439-3224 for more information about commercial and industrial space for rent.

Now, let’s cut through the confusion about leasing a shop for rent, in Fort Worth or in any other city in America.

A definition of a shop space for rent.

Part of the confusion regarding shop space for rent is in the definition of a shop space.  In some areas of the country, a shop is associated with a machine shop, a mechanical shop, or a car repair shop, which in other places, a shop is associated with retail shops found in any downtown business district.  One needs to be aware of that difference when looking to rent shop space; what exactly are looking at and renting?

There is no right or wrong definition. Both of those mentioned above are correct and simply depend upon the city or county or state you are working and living in.

The difference to be aware of is the going market price for each.  A car repair shop location may not cost as much as a retail clothing shop, or vice versa, so designation can be an important factor to remember.

What you will pay for a shop space for rent.

Now it can really get confusing.  There is no standard price for a shop for rent.  It depends entirely upon the real estate market in your area, and the price that market will bear.  In some cities, paying $10 per square foot is reasonable; in other cities, paying $2 per square foot is reasonable . . . and prices may vary wildly in various districts within the same city.

A trusted commercial real estate broker can cut through the confusion and tell you what a fair price is in your area; other than that, it would require you to do our own market research to determine a fair market rental price.

Making sure of the fine print and zoning.

What we can tell you, with certainty, is that you need to be very aware of the fine print in any real estate contract, and you must also be aware of the zoning laws in an area.  It would be a shame for you to rent a shop for rent, for your business, only to find out the zoning for that area does not allow your business classification to operate there. Again, a qualified real estate broker can quickly cut through the confusion and give you a professional opinion about all of that, and also make sure you are getting exactly what you want in a contract.

A final word about RDS Real Estate.

Speaking of qualified real estate brokers, there is none better than RDS Real Estate, in Fort Worth, a trusted name, locally owned and operated, with over two-million square feet of industrial and commercial property for lease. Call us, tell us what you need, and then stand back and watch us do our magin.