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We have spent a great amount of time, over the years, advising people about commercial property lease opportunities, but we haven’t talked about what to look for in a commercial property lease agent.

That ends today with this article!

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And now, what to look for in a commercial property lease agent.

Is there a connection?

You are about to lay down thousands of dollars, over the length of the lease, for commercial property for lease. That is a major outlay of cash for any business owner, no matter how flush with cash they may be.  You are about to make a business decision which will directly affect the future of your business. With those two things in mind, it is vital that you find a leasing agent who you can relate to, who you like on more than a surface level, who genuinely connects with you.

Chances are you will be spending quite a bit of time with this leasing agent. That time spent will be much more pleasing if you find a leasing agent who is enjoyable to be with and who exudes a sincere desire to make your vision become a reality.

Constant feedback/communication

Infrequent communication is maddening, especially when it is related to the future of your business.  A good leasing agent is in constant communication with their clients, while showing them properties and after the lease is signed.  There is power in knowledge. There is satisfaction in communication.  Answers are needed. Information is king.  Ask around. Find out from others who they have worked with. Ask if they are satisfied with the lines of communication.  You deserve someone, whether you are looking for a retail space for lease or an office space for rent or a shop for rent, who will constantly be in touch to answer your questions and to allay your worries.

Experience matters

Our apologies to those just starting out as leasing agents, but experience does matter. The commercial real estate business if fluid. The market is constantly changing. Properties become available, prime properties, and the only way for a client to become aware of great opportunities is if the leasing agent has their finger on the pulse of the area.

This is your business we are talking about. Don’t leave its future in the hands of someone just learning the real estate trade.

Your interests first, the deal closure second

A good leasing agent will sit down with you and ask extensive questions regarding what you are looking for. They will become familiar with your company and the goals of your company. All of that information will then allow them to find the perfect commercial space for lease for you.  Find an agent who is genuinely interested in what you need.  High-pressure sales tactics should be avoided like the plague.  You aren’t looking to buy a used car.  You are looking to lease the home of your business.

A word about RDS Real Estate

RDS Real Estate is one of the most trusted names in commercial properties for lease in the Fort Worth area. We are locally owned and operated. We are Fort Worth residents helping Fort Worth residents, and that makes all the difference in how we treat our clients. Call us today if you are looking to rent commercial property in Fort Worth.