Without a doubt we can find a warehouse for rent in Irving for you. That is, after all, what we do. We are RDS Real Estate, our number is (817) 439-3224, and matching industrial space with specific needs is what we are good at. Call us and we will go over the following points with you.

How we conduct our warehouse for rent search

We are, admittedly, a little bit different from other commercial real estate companies.  It would be very easy for us to sit down with you and automatically give you some warehouse for rent Irving listings.  That whole process would take all of ten minutes. We would just enter some parameters in the search engine, spit out ten or more properties, and offer them to you to consider.

But that would be the easy way out, and all too often the easy way is not the best way.  Here’s what we know about industrial and commercial property:  it may just be property to other people, but to the folks leasing it, it is the home of their business and a huge financial commitment, and one does not rush on such an important decision.

The first step in finding a warehouse for rent Irving

Here’s how we would conduct that search.

We would sit down with you and ask you to list the specifics of what you need, and we would want you to be very detailed.  Irving is a city of a quarter-million people, so naturally it has quite a few warehouses for rent available to choose from.  Our job is to find the exact warehouse to meet your exact needs.

We would then ask you to make a dream list, items you would like to have but really are not crucial to conducting your business.  We would also ask you to consider the future.  How much growth will your business see in five years? That growth must be considered when renting a warehouse.   You don’t want to be moving again in five years after outgrowing the warehouse.

Location is crucial with industrial space for lease

Next we upset the old apple cart a bit by suggesting that Irving may, or may not, be the best location for your warehouse.  It’s not cut and dried, you know. Not all cities are the same; not all cities have the same zoning regulations; and not all cities offer the same incentives to businesses.  An intimate working knowledge of all of Tarrant County is necessary in this case.  Is a warehouse for rent in Irving as good for you as a warehouse for rent Grapevine, or a warehouse for rent Arlington?  Which is best for your business?

And finally we come down to cost?  What is the best warehouse for rent, in the best location, for the best price for your operating budget?  We will sit down with you and work it all out because that is what we do, and that is how we have become one of the leading industrial real estate firms in Tarrant County.

The name is RDS Real Estate, and industrial property for rent is our bread and butter.  Our number is (817) 439-3224. Contact us today and let’s find that warehouse for rent you want.