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It is quite common, in our business, to find business people who want to rent office space, or rent other types of commercial or industrial property for rent, but can’t find exactly what they need at a price they can afford.

In this article, we are going to propose three alternative way to rent office space, ways which will help you to save money and perhaps fit your needs.

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Now, though, let’s talk, specifically, about ways to rent office space which will not break your bank.

Coworking space

Have you considered renting coworking space for your office space needs? Coworking space is a platform whereby people from different companies come to a central office building and secure an office for rent by the month rather than renting office space by the year.  One month, two months, six months, it makes no difference.  You only rent an individual office when you need it, and the price is low enough to make this a very attractive offer.

At our coworking space, called Paddock Place Office Suites, we rent individual office space for lease for $450 per month, and included in that price are utilities, a private mail box, shared break room, individual heat controls, and a shared conference room.  Think of it as an part-time office rental, freeing you from a long-term commitment.

Share an office with another business

Here’s an idea which is catching on in many cities: many small business owners, who cannot afford a yearly lease in a traditional office space to rent, are sharing a traditional office with another business. In effect, there are two or more small businesses, with one central reception area, sharing costs and common spaces.  With a little flexibility of design, and a willingness to share essentials, this works smashingly well for many businesses, especially if they are complimentary to each other i.e. title company and real estate company.

A $2,000 per month office rental, using this model, would only cost each company $1,000 per month, and all other miscellaneous costs would be shared as well, like utilities and WiFi.

Think outside the box

Maybe all of the offices for lease in your city cost too much, but did you try looking at a loft for rent, or a “shop for rent,” and converting those into an office?  The only thing making an office for rent and office for rent is the wording.  Four walls, a ceiling, and a floor is anything you want it to be.  If you can find a cheaper rent on something not called an office for rent, with a little imagination you could make it work.

A word about RDS Real Estate

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