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Things to consider when Leasing a Warehouse Space

First you must Determine your needs. Think about electric, water and layout needs that will service your business operations. Have an idea of what you will need before you start your search.You should decide if you will use your warehouse for Storage or Operational business needs that may entail the need for certificate of occupancy requirements or city restrictions.

Determine Size and Improvement need for your business. Will you need office space with minimal warehouse storage space or is your company needing storage only? You may only need a finished space with enough room for multiple offices.

Think about your Location of business. Easy access to major freeways, central location to clients who search your services or finding a hub to be centralized for larger metropolitan areas are location questions you should ask yourself prior to chosen location.

What type of Access may your business need? Do you need a dock? Do you need a grade level door? Factors around size of door could be determined by the size or type of equipment you will need to operate for your business.

Realize there are Tenant Responsibilities. Most commercial landlords require tenants to maintain their space during the duration of their lease. Be sure to have these things explained and written out in your lease.

Additionally as a tenant you should Insure your personal property. On a Gross Lease your Landlord will typically insure the building itself, however the Landlord will not insure your personal belongings in most cases.

At Blue Mound Business Park, Our Location could not be more central to meeting your location needs within the DFW Metroplex. Our typical warehouse space starts at 900 SQ FT up to 16,000 SQ FT and offers outside storage capacity on over 100 acres. We are conveniently located off Highway 287 with access to most major freeways. Warehouse features may include all finished space with HVAC or office space from 10×10 to 12×20 allowing you the discretion of determined needs to be met. Our warehouse space offers bay doors from 10×10, 10×12, 12×14. Dock Doors, grade level doors are additional options and all of our warehouse spaces feature an 18 eve height.

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