BlogIndustrial Property for RentWhat does a warehouse for rent really cost?

Before you sign a lease agreement for a warehouse for rent, read this article by RDS Real Estate.  We are going to share with you some important information which just might make the difference between making a big mistake and making a wise, profitable decision.

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The warehouse for rent cost everyone is familiar with.

Check out the listings of some warehouses for rent online; nine times out of ten, those listings will tell you the square footage of the properties but will not mention the rental cost.  It will be left to you to ask the next question: what is the cost per square foot of those warehouses? Once you have been told the answer to that question, you will then know what that warehouse for rent is going to cost you per month, and you can then start to work with your budget to see if you can afford it. Right?

Wrong! There is much more to consider than just the lease price per month.

Read on!

The secondary costs of a warehouse for rent.

Just a partial list of the secondary costs of renting a warehouse will include:

  • Utilities
  • WiFi
  • Signage
  • Furnishings in the office
  • Insurance

You will also need to know the answers to these questions, all of which can mean more expense to you:

  • Who is responsible for performing and paying for maintenance?
  • Who is responsible for performing and paying for repairs?
  • Who is responsible for replacing equipment attached to the warehouse, such as the HVAC unit?
  • Would I have to pay for a common area or for only the actual square footage of the space?
  • Would I be required to install signs?
  • Is the landlord willing to pay for any tenant-made improvements?

It is entirely possible for a rent of, say, $1.20 per square foot, will actually be close to $1.50 per square foot, when all secondary costs are calculated.  Stated that way, it may not seem like a great difference, but for a warehouse of 20,000 square feet, it will mean an increase of six-thousand dollars per month, and that is truly a great difference.

Long-term to consider.

Finally, you are making a decision in present day, but your eye needs to be on the future.  You may love the particular locations of a warehouse for rent today, but will that warehouse be in an advantageous location in five years? Ten? Where is the growth occurring in your city? Where is the traffic flow predicted to be in ten years? How will that affect your company in terms of income?

What is the bottom line for this discussion? Deciding upon a warehouse for rent, or office warehouse for rent, or for that matter any commercial or industrial property for rent, is not a fast and easy decision.  Many, many factors must be considered. Many, many questions must be answered.  And being aware of that fact is the first step towards making an informed and profitable decision.

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