Commercial Property For Rentshop space for rent in Fort Worth at a great price.

For most small businesses, a warehouse for rent is a pipe dream.  Most small businesses, with little cash and small operating budgets, cannot comprehend actually renting a warehouse.  A home-based business looking to expand?  The idea of renting a warehouse is a fantasy for most!

So when we begin this article by telling you we know of the best warehouse for rent Fort Worth for a small business, we should, at the very least, have your full attention.  Write down this phone number  . . . (817) 439-3224 . . . call us after you read this article.

Cost is always a factor in industrial property for lease

A small business with a small budget . . . the best warehouse for rent in Fort Worth would be the one you can afford, right?  How about a warehouse for rent for $875 per month? Could you afford that, because in the Fort Worth area, that’s the lowest price you are going to find for any small warehouse . . . we are  talking about a 320 square foot warehouse for rent for only $875 per month.  That kind of price is enough to fuel some dreams in a small business owner, dreams of growth and expansion possibilities.  It’s possible, in Fort Worth, and it is possible at Box Office Warehouse Suites . . . but more about that later.

Location, location, and location

An affordable warehouse for rent is nice, but affordable isn’t terribly important in a horrible location.  But what if that same warehouse for rent was located in the Alliance Area, the fastest-growing industrial, commercial, and residential area in all of Tarrant County? Would you be interested then? And what if it was located in the Fort Worth Design District, a brand new pocket business neighborhood where creativity and imagination are embraced?  What would you think of such a deal then?

And what if that warehouse could be expanded if you need larger?

It may sound like a magic act, but it is possible.  We have warehouses for rent which we can double or triple in size should you need it; if your business expands, and you need bigger, we can make it happen.  What would you say to that?  Would you be interested?  And what if you were dealing with a locally owned and operated commercial real estate company which embraces small business owners?

About Box Office Warehouse Suites

What we described actually exists at Box Office Warehouse Suites, a unique business park made entirely from recycled shipping containers, each 320 square feet in size, stand-alone or stacked and expanded, one of the most creative business parks in the United States, properties beginning at $875 per month.

And about RDS Real Estate

We are locally owned and operated in the Fort Worth area. We have over one-million square feet of multi-use commercial properties for rent, and we promise you we can find the warehouse you want and need.  Contact us with a call and say hello to the best warehouse for rent for a small business in Fort Worth.  Why pay for space you don’t need?  We can make industrial space affordable for you.