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Fort Worth retail space for rent is priced according to the square foot, as most retail lease space is across the country.  For small business owners, it is not necessarily the price per square foot which makes potential retail space expensive; rather it is the size of most retail space lease which makes more available rentals out of touch for small business owners.

We think we have a solution for all of you small business owners looking for retail space for lease in the Fort Worth area.  We are RDS Real Estate, and we have our fingers on the pulse of the Fort Worth/Tarrant County real estate market. Call us at 817-439-3224 for help in all of your commercial and industrial property needs.

Size matters for small business owners

Here is the major problem for small business owners looking for retail space in the Fort Worth area: most existing retail space rentals are too large for small business owners.  The average retail space for lease in Tarrant County is over 1,000 square feet in size, much too large for a small business just getting started, and the size is larger and related price is higher in the downtown Fort Worth area.

One-thousand square feet is the size of a small home.  Small retailers don’t have enough inventory to adequately fill 1,000 square feet.  What they need is studio-apartment size, not full-house size.

Small business owners, just starting out, when asked how large a space they needed, answered less than 500 square feet for their business/shop.  That size, 500 square feet or less, is infinitely more manageable and infinitely more affordable.  The problem, then, is where to find retail space that size in the Fort Worth area?

Location always matters for small business owners

Let’s forget about downtown Fort Worth for this discussion. Small business owners will not be able to afford commercial property for lease in downtown Fort Worth.

And we say that is a good thing!

Quick! Name the fastest-growing commercial area in Tarrant County?  No, it is not downtown Fort Worth. In fact, downtown is rather stagnant over the past decade regarding growth.  No, the fastest-growing commercial area in Tarrant County can be found in the Alliance Area of North Forth Worth.  There you will find exploding commercial growth. There you will find the future of Fort Worth retail business.

A word about the Fort Worth Design District

And right in the middle of the Alliance Area is the Fort Worth Design District, over forty acres of commercial and industrial properties for rent, many of which are designed with small businesses in mind.

Take, for instance, Box Office Warehouse Suites, located in the Fort Worth Design District. There you can find retail space for lease which is 320 square feet in size, costing $875 per month.  This is a perfect size for a small retail shop, and the leasing cost is very doable for a small business.

Check it out! Call us to arrange for a tour of Box Office Warehouse Suites.

A word about RDS Real Estate

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